7 Inner Archetypes That Cripple Your Confidence and Self-Respect

 December 17, 2018

7 Inner Archetypes That Cripple Your Confidence and Self-Respect

5) The Martyr

The Martyr is an archetype within us that desperately craves for praise, adoration and a sense of self-worth from grandiose acts of self-sacrifice. Martyr’s will often adopt the role of caretakers and cater to everyone else’s needs but their own. However, when our inner Martyr’s are not appreciated enough by others, we resort to guilt-tripping and manipulation.

Essentially, our inner Martyrs are places within us that are deeply wounded. These are the places that believe our self-worth comes from what we DO rather than what we ARE inherently.

Lessons to be learned: You don’t need to sacrifice all of your needs, wants and dreams for others in order to be worthy or lovable. You are innately worthy and lovable. Take responsibility for your happiness and learn how to love yourself fearlessly.


6) The Saboteur

Other names: destroyer, serial killer, mad scientist

Just like all other archetypes listed here, The Saboteur is a natural part of the cycle of birth and death. Everything in life must eventually be destroyed in order for new things to arise. The shadow side of The Saboteur archetype is that it can develop a ravenous appetite for destruction.

Self-destructiveness is the biggest issue that The Saboteur brings to our lives. When we are deeply wounded and filled with self-hatred, The Saboteur is a wrathful confidant that tears down everything in our path. Relationships, friendships, careers, health, mental stability — nothing stands in the way of The Saboteur.

Lessons to be learned: What part of you feels that you aren’t worthy of freedom, joy, and love? Explore your deeper feelings of worthlessness and how they poison and undermine your life decisions. You must learn to respect, honor and love the person you are.


7) The Victim

Other names: slave

Victimhood allows us to acknowledge our woundedness, but when we get bogged down in it, it can cripple us.

The biggest problem that The Victim brings to our lives is disowned personal power. When we don’t take responsibility for our prosperity, bliss, and contentment, our lives seem like a never-ending stream of misery. The truth is that there is only so much you can blame other people for your grief or misfortune.

Lessons to be learned: Stop blaming other people for your failures and disappointments. You are only a victim if you make yourself out to be one. Instead of being a victim, adopt the role of a fighter: this is a much more empowering role that will enable you to develop self-responsibility.


How to Regain Your Confidence and Self-Respect

After you have read the archetype examples above and identified your main one (or bunch), you will need to meditate on them. Ask yourself, “How exactly is this archetype/s influencing my thoughts, feelings, and actions?” You can journal about this, discuss it with someone you trust, sit in solitude with the question, or anything else that will help you introspect.

Finally, your job is not to hate, destroy or repress these archetypes in you. Instead, allow yourself to come into a peaceful understanding of them. Let the Archetype/s know that you appreciate the roles they have served in your life, but you’re now ready to surrender them and move on. You might like to design your own ritual or ceremony for this last part if you desire.

If it helps, bookmark or print out this page of archetype examples to re-read as you go through this process.

I know how debilitating low self-esteem and poor self-confidence can be. I have struggled with this many times in my own life. The difference is that I accept it as normal and do my best to move on, take care of myself, and honor my gifts.

If you have any experiences or insights to share about the archetype examples above, I encourage you to share below.

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Written by Aletheia Luna
Originally appeared on Lonerwolf.com

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7 Inner Archetypes That Cripple Your Confidence and Self-Respect