7 Informal Meditation Practices: How To Meditate Without Meditating

7 Informal Meditation Practices: How To Meditate Without Meditating


6. Do stargazing

The universe is fascinating and the night sky can be magical and mesmerising. When you look at the stars and detach from the world, you engage with the universe and connect with yourself. Stargazing can be the most soothing way to be present in the current moment. Observe what you see, hear, taste, smell and feel. Scan your body and be aware of your senses without getting attached or judging them. This is how to meditate to feel peace and serenity inside you.


7. Just breathe

One of the core elements of all traditional meditation practices is the breath. Although it may sound too easy, breathing with awareness takes a little bit of practice and is a highly effective mindfulness practice. By focusing on, connecting to and becoming aware of our breath, you can completely relax your mind and body, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. It is the easiest way to meditate without sitting down to meditate.

Breathing mindfully gives you an opportunity to meditate anytime you want and become aware of the present moment. Breathing with awareness enables you to live life and deal with different situations in a more responsive and calmer way. Breathing is the simplest form of meditation.

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Meditation without meditating is easy

Meditation takes a lot of patience and effort to master, whether it’s a conventional or informal technique. The techniques I mentioned above are most certainly easy and effective, however, it may take some time and practice for you to do your daily activities with mindfulness. Meditating without actually meditating is a great way to get started as it is convenient and efficient.

The essence of meditation is awareness. The moment you can conduct your daily activities with awareness, you are in meditation.

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I highly recommend that you checkout this helpful video on mindfulness:

7 Informal Meditation Practices: How To Meditate Without Meditating

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