7 Informal Meditation Practices: How To Meditate Without Meditating

7 Informal Meditation Practices: How To Meditate Without Meditating


1. Get more sleep

Sleep is an excellent meditation practice as it helps to rest our conscious mind. When you sleep, your subconscious mind becomes more active. It sifts down all the stress and anxiety that your conscious mind was unable to sort throughout the day. Sleep also helps your mind refresh itself and gives you mental and physical energy to start another day with better mental strength.

7 Informal Meditation Practices: How To Meditate Without Meditating

The fact is, situations can often be too stressful for our conscious mind to deal with it. Hence, our thoughts and emotions get suppressed as we try to deny, overlook or ignore it. When we sleep, the subconscious mind deals with these difficult emotions and helps to reduce stress in our daily lives. Sleep is an inherent part of our lives and now you have more reason to fall asleep.


2. Exercise with awareness

By exercising I don’t necessarily mean hitting the gym and getting your pump on. Although that might be a good idea depending on your preference, simple exercises like running, swimming, taking a walk, dancing or practicing Yoga can be an excellent informal way to experience mindfulness meditation. 

Any form of physical activity can feel meditative when you bring your focus and awareness into the subtle movements of your body. Exercise is an active meditation that can make you feel calm and relaxed as long as you engage all your senses in the activity. However, you need to make sure your breathing is synchronized with your body movements. 

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3. Connect with animals

Spending time with our furry friends can be an exceptionally calming and relaxing activity, especially when you are engaging in it mindfully. When you are aware of the bond that you share with your pet or any animal, you feel with an instinctive emotion through this pure and uncorrupted emotional connection. Being and playing with animals makes us feel happier and elevates our mood by releasing feel-good endorphins.

Studies on psychosocial and psychophysiological effects of human-animal connections have found that playing with our pets can actually bring a notable difference in our moods. It also helps to significantly reduce the level of the hormone cortisol which leads to stress. Animal time also helps in increased production of serotonin which makes us feel better and happier.


4. Get creative

If you want to know how to meditate without actually going through the traditional process, then you should start with making some art. Creativity allows us to express our innermost emotions and thoughts. Creating art allows you to release all your pent up feelings and express yourself in a relieving yet satisfying way. 

However, art simply doesn’t mean illustrating, painting or sculpting. It can be anything that allows you to express yourself. It can be writing down your thoughts or writing fiction, photography, sewing, putting your makeup on, making creative videos or even memes. It can be absolutely anything that gets your creative juices flowing. Creativity enables you to tap into the universe and connect directly with our source energy. This helps to feed our soul and rise above the normal, materialistic world. Creating art is a form of active meditation and is highly relaxing.


5. Cook mindfully

Cook what you love with full attention and from your heart. Food nourishes our mind and body and mindful cooking is an excellent alternate meditation practice. Something as simple as cooking or baking can be your daily meditation ritual. Instead of ordering food online or just cooking for the sake of eating, experience every moment and mindfully connect with the process of cooking. You can cook anything you want as long as you’re conscious about every stage of the cooking process. By bringing love and presence into your cooking you can turn it into a comforting meditation treat.

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