7 Common Traits Of Indigo Adults

Traits Of Indigo Adults

6.  You have experienced a few uncommon mystical happenings.

Indigo adults can be very inclined towards spirituality before age, leaving the people around them astonished.

They are devotees of Gods and like spending time praying and worshiping Gods even when they come from a background of a non-religious family.

Their spiritual side grows with time until they reach maturity.

Although their approach is more spiritual than religious, they often have supernatural encounters and have at least once in their lives felt the presence of a different dimension of reality.

There is one other thing that they have a special connection with, the time 11:11. An Indigo would notice whenever the clock hits that time.

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7.  You strive to look for a purpose in life

The feeling of listlessness and lethargy can very easily come to Indigo adults, which is why in order to keep their act together they are on a mission to find their life’s purpose.

Usually, people devote their time and energies towards becoming more and more successful and progress in their professional careers, whereas, Indigos have a clear objective of making the world a better place to live, especially for the future generations.

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Nevertheless, finding a purpose is not a walk in the park for them.

This can lead to frustration within the Indigo person who feels this deep need to achieve their potential but cannot find the structures to support them in this desire.

Are you an indigo adult? Could you relate to these traits? Let me know in the comments.

Indigo Adults
7 Common Traits Of Indigo Adults
7 Common Traits Of Indigo Adults Pin

8 thoughts on “7 Common Traits Of Indigo Adults”

  1. Interesting read. What’s the difference if you call yourself an “indigo” or “empath”? If you’re an empath your aura could have this hue…

  2. Some of us are well aware and have been observing behavioral patterns of societies for a very long time Catherine.. the pretense of ‘being a seeker’ is not applicable to many of us. We are well aware of our purposes and agendas. We require no guidance. nor meddling influencers to stick their noses in our concerns. hence the lack of forum feedback. personally as an Albino Alpha-Gamma archetype Gamma Indigo.. I could do less with the added attention. teaching advanced insights to human biochemistry within the Army already lead to chaplains accusing me of ~necromancy.. hilarity in their reaction when I corrected them and stated it was ~thaumaturgy.. as I relied on my own biochemical extracts.. not that of a corpse’s. besides.. Enoch already answered their questions on what we are.

  3. I find it strange this article has only three comments…if you have these traits, I believe you are an avid seeker of why life is so lonely and difficult and would want to comment!
    I really need to look into the Indigo Child theory, I’m definitely one. Although my raising wasn’t ideal so as empathetic as I am, I can be hard hearted just so I can manage my life and not be constantly crushed by what I see around me.

    Something I would find interesting, is how many Indigo Children feel this virus debacle has more to do with a collective conciousness/hive mindset of controlling people’s behavior, and less to do with a little cold storming through the world like little colds do…

  4. Miesha Anderson

    Spot on… thank you for explaining the adult version. Every since one of these topics resonate. Thank you for allowing me to grow deeper into awareness

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