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Yes I am a trouble. As a person, as a companion, as a human to wake up next to.

I am a trouble because i don’t know what i will be in the next moment.

I might seem the best lover in the world, the next moment i might unleash the monsters of darkest hell on you.

And then in the next moment I might give you the truest and warmest kiss you ever had and then push you off.

If I love, I will rip your soul apart and mine too.

Love me if you want to know how does it feel to be gazed at 3 in the night.

Love me if you want to feel how it is to be kidnapped in someone’s soul forever.

Love me if you want to understand that claws don’t hurt.

Love me if you are ready to be held a little tighter than you wanted to.

Love me if you want to laugh a little harder than you ever imagined.

Love me if you are ready to cry your gut out.

Love me if you can take the grossest, creepiest, most sociopathic parts of mine.

Love me if you are ready to realize that Cupid and Satan can happily exist in one.

– Avinash Singh Tomar

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