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Black and White – Mind Talk

Black and White - Mind Talk

Started as a light

White. Pure. Shiny.

Traveled light-years

Crossed galaxies of age, promises, betrayals.

The darkness followed like a demon, my shadow

As fast as me, or as slow “

Darkness, there was, when there was nothing

Not even nothingness”, demons say.

The light is immortal! I hear in a church.

Peels me thread by thread, atom by atom

One pixel at a time.

The light turns black. Like a bleeding warrior.

I pretend to fight. Actually pleading to survive.

I run, I stop, I be. I refuse. I look back.

Endless like a giant wheel.

Chasing my own trails.

The darkness laughs.. hugs the light in its chilling grip.

“Everything that u hated, you are now”

A cold voice whispers, from behind.

  • Avinash Singh Tomar 

A series devoted to our readers. Does your Mind do a lot of thinking too ? Do you have questions to ask ? A Poem, A question, an article or any thought that wants to be shared. Pour them here. Click the Submit button and we will publish it on our Site. Why let that thought Sink ? Let it be free Write on.. 🙂 Let the Mind Talk Begin

Avinash Tomar

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