6 Zodiac Signs That Find It Hard To Move On



#4 Taurus

As stubborn as they are, it is no wonder that they are stubborn about letting go of their past too. You keep bringing up things of the past and probably end up creating more issues in the present due to this. You feel like people do not understand you when you do this, but it is necessary to understand that dwelling in the past doesn’t help you grow, it just holds you back while everything else passes you by.
It is good to learn from the past, but you have to learn to let it all go once you have.


#5 Aquarius

Unlike its other Air counterparts, Aquarius ranks on this list because of the way they deal with their baggage. Sure they live their life like a sail full of the wind and when they are knocked down, they seem to pick themselves up quickly. However, Aquarius tends to deal with its past by shoving it in the back of their head, and eventually, never enabling themselves to deal with it to move on.
Instead of looking to move on too quickly, you have to take a moment to get your sense of closure from your troubles.


#6 Scorpio

Scorpios are known for their boldness and their crudeness. They easily get jealous which then makes them obsessed with trying to catch up with the one they are jealous of. Scorpios are immensely possessive and can hold grudges like no other. Which all makes it immensely difficult for them to let go of things, past, grudges, almost everything. Especially if it has hurt them or the people they care about.
To move on, you have to learn to forgive and forget. Only once you do this, you will have room for self-improvement.

Everyone has a past, a closet full of scandalous skeletons.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with things. You just have to recognize what it is that is holding you back from growing and address it. Only then can you be free of your burden.


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6 Zodiac Signs That Find It Hard To Move On