6 Ways to Use Your Sensitivity as a Superpower

Ways Use Sensitivity as Superpower

3) Turn pain into power.

Have you heard of the quote by Rumi, ‘The cure for pain is in the pain’? Resist it and you intensify the experience –this is the same for all emotions. Be present with it and the intensity lessons.

When big emotions arrive, it is an opportunity to listen and befriend them. Get creative; make art, draw, write, dance. Move your pain, transform it. The other side of pain and grief is joy. Don’t get stuck in the pain. Master your emotions and never be influenced by another person again.

4) Absorb positive and joyful feelings at will.

Sensitive people know how easy it is to absorb other people’s energies. When we’re not consciously managing our borders, negative or toxic people can find a way in!

It’s important to spend time in solitude, recharge, and have a regular practice of self-inquiry, for me it’s daily journaling and yoga.

Here’s the great news, as quickly as we absorb uncomfortable energies, just as quickly we can access good feelings! Movement is key. Throw on some music and dance, listen to an upbeat track or watch something that will make you laugh! By simply shifting your attention to something new and different, you can change your state immediately.

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5) Don’t toughen up, think smarter.

“Toughen Up!” I’m sure you’ve heard this one. That’s not how we roll. Our strength is our empathy and compassion so long as we practice these on ourselves first. We don’t need to override our feelings with an artificial sense of ‘toughness’.

In fact, this is detrimental to our well-being. Instead think smarter. Identify your core needs, how can they be met?

Move closer to yourself through a daily self-check-in as outside forces are weakened when our self-connection is strong, our objectivity to increases in this way.

6) Bring forth righteous change into the world.

We are gentle giants. We have a huge calling that keeps knocking at us, a calling that won’t shake off. The more we resist it, the louder it gets. It stems from our strong desire to effect positive change in the world. We’re here to align with our dharma, our authentic path and to bring light and healing to the world.

Rise into your greatness as a sensitive being! Work with your emotions, rather than detaching from them. The feeling is a gift from the feminine divine. A source of nourishment and vitality. A superpower of the soul. Wield it well!

If you want to know more about how you can use your sensitivity as a superpower, then check this video out below:

6 Ways to Use Your Sensitivity as a Superpower
Ways Use Sensitivity as Superpower Pin
6 Ways to Use Your Sensitivity as a Superpower

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