6 Ways To Stop Hating Women

6 Ways To Stop Hating Women

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Written by Jordan Gray Originally appeared in Jordan Gray Consulting

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6 Ways To Stop Hating Women

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  1. I’m a woman who hates women. Look at any organization or workplace with women. They immediately divide into cliques, and there will be a pecking order within each clique. Throw a newcomer into the mix, and she will be treated to derision and/or dominance, until she accepts the dominance and leadership of the others. Eventually she will pick one to obey and gravitate to that person’s clique. It usually takes an average of two years for the others to realize I am not playing the game at all. Then they stop trying to recruit me or intimidate me into knuckling under their dominance. I am left alone to do my job, get paid and go home, or to enjoy the benefits of the club without having to socialize with the others.

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