6 Ways To Show Unconditional Love Without Been Taken Advantage Of

5. Once you build yourself up, start asking for what you need from loved ones.

After a long day of doing all the laundry, ask your loved one to either wash or fold the clothes. Generally, once you express your need, your partner will respond positively.

If your partner responds otherwise, be even firmer with your partner about helping you. If your loved one refuses to start giving back, it’s clear they’re in the relationship for what they can get out of you, and will not change their behavior.


6. Reclaim your power back by taking action (consistently).

This may include voting some of these “users” off the island to make room for people who value your contribution.

Remember, unconditional love is giving love without condition and expectation. Therefore, what you may call unconditional love is really your way of earning love, praise, and respect from those you care about.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “I hate the sin, but love the sinner.” The good news is that love, at its core, is unconditional, but relationships are not. You can keep the unconditional love flowing and still have respect and value in your relationships by setting clear boundaries for loved ones.

Don’t let anyone come to your table to eat without contributing to the meal. You are valuable and deserve the same love you give out. Once you really believe that, you will not settle for less.

Pour self-love into you. Love yourself first, take care of your wellbeing, and you will attract people in your life who reflect that.

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Written by Sheri Brown

Originally appeared on Yourtango.com

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6 Ways To Show Unconditional Love Without Been Taken Advantage Of

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