6 Tips on Letting Go of a Relationship to Attract New Love

tips on letting go of a relationship to attract new love let go

In that sense, everyone is the mirror of our innermost self. As well as every hardship is an opportunity for us to grow. Even if it’s a too harsh lesson, it’s precisely what we’ve needed. The universe has been trying to catch our attention through this very person.

I’ve seen that once my clients discover what the relationship or person was supposed to teach them, they are ready to let go almost in an instant.

It’s an incredibly freeing experience to understand what you were meant to learn. The whole situation shifts and you can finally move on.

From the universe’s perspective, there is no more point for you to be attached to that relationship. The lesson was delivered and understood. You can go to the next level. Each kind of relationship has a different purpose in our life. Here are the basic 4 types of romantic relationships that I believe to be the most common.

4. Accept what happened

It used to drive me crazy when I read that I needed to accept something. It sounds right and easy, but it’s not easy at all. Now I understand that it’s easier to accept our past when we understand the lessons. So accepting what happened is a natural consequence of tip #3.

We’re on this planet to grow. And the way to grow is to experience the exact lessons we need. Everyone has a unique set of lessons because we need to gain different perspectives on life and themselves.

By the way, this is the reason why it doesn’t make sense to compare yourself to someone else. Our soul (or higher self if you will) wants to catch our attention, so we don’t miss out on any lesson.

Therefore, from the soul’s perspective – which is different than the mind’s point of view but they complete each other – we recreate similar situations to grasp the lessons finally. Or we can’t let go of someone before we recognize what they came to teach us.

Once the message is delivered, it feels natural and easy to accept our past.

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6 Tips on Letting Go of a Relationship to Attract New Love

5. Forgive

Yes, this is another very “favorite” tip, I know, but there is a reason why everyone tells you that you need to forgive.

As long as you secretly blame the other person, you give them power over your life. Because the mind of the person who hasn’t forgiven is like an obsessed mind. By not forgiving, you keep torturing yourself by revisiting the past. Thus forgiveness is a gift to yourself.

But I don’t agree that forgiveness can be forced. It takes time, and it happens when we’re truly ready. Undoubtedly, it helps to understand the lessons (tip #3), and often this, by itself, is enough.

However, if you want to forgive – even if you (actually) don’t – then you can pray to a higher power of your belief to help you. I believe in the power of prayers because they’re always answered.

Mostly, not in the ways we expect the answer. The universe speaks to us through our life so it might create a situation where we receive the answer. Or the answer can come in the form of another person, article, book, or song.

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6. Focus on what you CAN influence

We like to think that we can control others. But it isn’t true. The only one who ends up being controlled is us.

You can’t make someone love you or stay with you. If you think for some period that you can, then it’s just an illusion. Every illusion must eventually burst.

Instead, focus on what you can influence – which is you. Invest in your life and do all the things you’ve been postponing. You’ll see that this will make you forget faster than you think. You can also focus on your attitude and personal growth which is always the best investment because it multiplies everything else.

So, these are my 6 tips, but I think that the most useful is tip# 3!

Written by Sylvia Salow
Originally appeared in Sylvia Salow
6 Ways To Let Go Of Someone You Deeply Loved And Move On
6 Ways To Let Go Of Someone You Deeply Loved And Move On
tips on letting go of a relationship to attract new love pin let go
6 Tips on Letting Go of a Relationship to Attract New Love
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