6 Ways Empaths Sabotage Their Relationships

Empaths Sabotage Relationships

It’s like manifestation, in order to get what you want from the Universe, you have told the Universe what it is that you want and focus on it intently. So many empaths feel that their needs aren’t met in their relationships, and equally as many of us are guilty of not telling people what we want or what is going on with us.

What is going on with us is a big one here, because we don’t take the time to explain ourselves either: we’re too busy understanding the other person you see? For someone who is not an empath, the sudden mood swings and ups and downs, especially when they seem to be caused by nothing, can look really scary and confusing.

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6. Breaking Your Boundaries

The last unhealthy behavior that empaths exhibit in relationships is around boundaries.

When we’re pressed to do something that conflicts us, our DIY programming kicks in and we have the fight in our own head – most often choosing to cross the boundary internally on our own. Do this enough times and you’ll feel like you’ve walked miles for the other party’s benefit, while they have absolutely no inkling of the level of sacrifice you’ve made for them.

Finally, boundary-breaking leads to anger: anger at myself because I’ve crossed my own internal boundaries or anger at another that has crossed my boundaries. Each time you allow your boundaries to be crossed, another little bit of unexpressed anger builds up. Over time this accumulates exponentially and you land up fuming with the person and hating them for walking all over you.

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Even though empaths have good intentions, many times unknowingly, they end up sabotaging their own relationships. If you are an empath, and you are guilty of doing these things, then you need to take care of yourself first. Love yourself and understand yourself, and you will be able to do the same for others.

If you want to know more about how empaths sabotage their relationships, then check this video out below:

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6 Ways Empaths Sabotage Their Relationships
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