6 Things That Happen When You Have To Let Go Of Your Soulmate

6 Things That Happen When You Have To Let Go Of Your Soulmate

3)  You will become a different version of yourself –

When you are separated from your soulmate, something is forever lost in the essence of how you perceive yourself. You deny a little part of yourself so that you can move on from the pain of losing them. You learn to cope with the heartaches. You change the way you approach relationships and people. Those who meet you afterward might appreciate this modified version because you are definitely more experienced and learned than before. But you remember how you used to be and perhaps sometimes you miss being that version of yourself. But there is no way that you can go back to that time now.

4)  You question yourself a lot about the past –

If you’re not with your soulmate even though you tried everything in your power to be, it means that the relationship was very toxic that it couldn’t work out. Even years after it has happened, you’ll find yourself wondering if there was anything you could have done that would have made a difference. You would be picking your brains about all your actions and reactions at the time, trying to think what was it that triggered the separation or where things got out of hand.

5)  They haunt your dreams –

As mentioned before, not being with your soulmate is not going to be the end of your life. You’ll still fall in love and go through life like everyone else. And most of the days you might not even think of them for even a second. But this doesn’t mean that your soul has forgotten them. And this will be apparent in all the times you see them in your dreams. This is your subconscious’ way of dealing with their loss.

6)  Your life will go on –

You will have amazing adventures and a fulfilling home. Yes, it is true that you will never be able to fully recover from the loss of your soulmate because they feel so much like a part of you, but you will definitely get used to the feeling. You will learn to live with it, just as if it’s another part of you. And this is definitely not the end of the story for you and your soulmate.

Enjoy this lifetime and be assured that you will see them again. You will meet them again, in the next lifetime and the next. Like you always have and always will.

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6 Things That Happen When You Have To Let Go Of Your Soulmate

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