6 Techniques to Stop Worrying


Answer this: Has worrying ever solved your problems anyway?

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I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say ‘no’ it probably hasn’t, right? So what can you do now to alleviate any future concerns you have?

Eckhart Tolle has pointed out three memorable and straightforward options that you can apply here. Which are:

  • remove yourself from the situation (in this case, remove the worry),
  • change it (transmute the worrisome thought form) or
  • accept it totally (surrender to any future possibility).


Let’s go a bit into detail.

Here are 6 simple Techniques to stop worrying

1. Do Something

Let’s be harsh and break the reverie. Being trapped in your mind will not provide you with solutions for any real danger coming your way.

Can you actually do something about it now?  If the answer is yes, take those first steps and you will begin to lighten the load off your mind.

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You can pen your thoughts down in your journal. Just getting it out of your head and onto paper can be a huge relief. You can then burn the paper or trash it symbolizing your new stance on worry.

Let your troublesome thought know who is the boss!


2. Find a solution

Map out a possible solution, anything that aligns your choice.

Again, it is always helpful to write it down so that your mind is free of it. Writing down will help you sort and structure the worry.

When you can look at some achievable solutions, you may gain a better perspective of how you can change or alter the course of your quandary.


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