6 Techniques to Stop Worrying

 February 29, 2016

6 Techniques to Stop Worrying2

Can you actually do something about it now?  If the answer is yes, take those first steps and you will begin to lighten the load off your mind.

You can pen your thoughts down in your journal.  Just getting it out of your head and onto paper can be a huge relief.  You can then burn the paper or trash it symbolizing your new stance on worry.

Let your troublesome thought know who is the boss!


2. Find a solution

Map out a possible solution, anything that aligns your choice.

Again, it is always helpful to write it down so that your mind is free of it. Writing down will help you sort and structure the worry.

When you can look at some achievable solutions, you may gain a better perspective of how you can change or alter the course of your quandary.


3. Accept

If there is absolutely nothing you can do, then try acceptance of what is. You have previous experiences about the nature of worries – they are unwanted, yields nothing, is often repetitive, comes and goes and gives us discomfort.

Now, that you have this information about worrying, you can always convince yourself to accept that worrying is a part and parcel of life.

If you cannot change what is, you need to let it go and find peace within your situation.


4. Meditate

Worrying always gets our mind cluttered with thoughts.

This mental noise often dulls our decision making abilities and hampers our daily activities too. If the mid set of a person is not clear, even day to day activities seems to be a difficult task to accomplish.

There is a wealth of information just waiting for you to tap into when you are in a meditative state. Clearing your mind of what I like to call ‘mind-static’ (continuous loops of mind chatter) will help you to excavate that diamond of truth and gain a lucid perspective.


5. Positive Thinking

Remind yourself that you attract what you think about.

Negative thoughts will eventually create a negative mental set for you and your upcoming actions will be based on those negative thoughts. 

Do you want to attract more of what you are worrying about? If not, then switch to thinking about what you do want to manifest in your life and let all negative outcomes go.


6. Affirm Happy Outcomes

Practice positive affirmations and visualize your best outcome to the situation at hand.  Keep reaffirming, every morning and evening, this ‘happy outcome’ and truly feel the emotions of having it in your life right now.

“Make sure your thinking is pointing you in the right direction to manifesting your ideal destination” 

The mind can be trained to think differently — you create your own destiny.

You have a choice to rewire your thought process to align with what you want to manifest — don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Don’t fall into the trap of “victim of circumstances” because you have the power to control your fate by changing the nature of your thoughts. Playing any kind of victim role is a dis-empowering position that you should try to not take part in.

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