13 Unique Challenges and Struggles An Empath Faces Daily

Unique Challenges and Struggles An Empath Faces Daily

8) They struggle with anxiety or depression

Most but not all empaths experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. That is obvious because they are sensitive to their and other’s emotions. Often they deal with self-doubt and anxiety. And when they receive anger or disappointment from people, it amplifies their anxiety. Something as small as a bad comment on Twitter can upset them for days. It is not easy for other people to understand why you cannot just get over small things.

Empathy is your power and that makes you a good healer and problem solver. But you give away all your energy to others and end up leaving no emotional space for yourself. Empaths have to learn to prioritize self-care. Otherwise, they may end up with severe mental illness.

9) They don’t always know their emotions

This is one of the biggest struggles of an empath. Since they consume hell lot of emotions from other people, they fail to differentiate between emotions of others and their own feelings, thoughts and emotions. This can create trouble at the time of making important life decisions. They may get into wrong path and then regret later.

This is probably the biggest ongoing challenge empaths face. When you’re constantly absorbing emotional information from other people, it can be hard to know what you’re feeling from others vs. your own thoughts and emotions. This can make decisions hard, and sometimes your “feelings” lead you down the wrong path.

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10)  They Are Susceptible To Addictive Habits

Empaths tend to absorb and feel myriad emotions, so they feel drained out and seek an escape to filter their emotions. They want to protect themselves by blocking out all the emotions. As a self-preservation and survival strategy they resort to smoking, drinking, drugs, sex or any other addictive habit.

11) They need to sleep alone

An empath who has already absorbed emotions of others need to sleep alone. If they sleep next to someone, they will soak more emotional information. The easy way out for them is to have a personal space to rest and sleep. That’s how they can recharge and energise themselves.

But this tendency becomes an issue for empaths in relationships because their partners cannot understand an empath’s need to sleep alone. It can lead to misconception and conflicts in your relationship. Your spouse may think you are not interested in intimacy.

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12) They struggle to keep jobs

Empaths always do what they love to do and only then they can excel in it. Doing a task they are not enjoying makes them feel like a cheater.

So, if a job becomes monotonous or not enjoyable at all, empaths struggle to hold down that job. Whether it is work, school or home life, they get bored easily.

And needs to be stimulated or do something else to keep themselves entertained. That’s the reason why some empaths switch from one job to another. This is one of the unique struggles of an empath hindering their professional success.

13) They are taken advantage of

Be it friends or family or strangers, everyone depends on an empath to discuss their mental turmoil and unwind their mind. They are least aware that they are dumping everything on an empath and leaving them drained of energy.

These are the struggles of an empath that go completely unnoticed.

Do you know of any other challenges or faced by an empath?

Leave your thoughts in comments.

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6 Struggles That An Empath Faces Daily (That Most People Never Notice)
Unique Challenges and Struggles An Empath Faces Daily Pin
13 Unique Challenges and Struggles An Empath Faces Daily

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  1. Avatar of Patricia

    Hi I am 50 years old and I’m an Empath, I guess I really figured out my gift pretty early I was 11 years old and I just thought I was so emotional and shy , Life and communication has been a hard thing for me, I was in a car accident and I was in a coma with a TBI in 2002, after I woke up, my Empathy gifts were all over the place, I would see things like Spirits but things have calmed down for me and I know how to stay protected especially when you are out in public, I have to sage my house everytime I come back from going out even to the store , safely,, people are so emotional during this hard time, I feel anger and sadness and happiness,it’s an overload of emotions,‍♀️ I loved everything I read here today and thank you ☺️ I am glad I found this Page ☺️

  2. Avatar of Riley

    Me being a 13-year old I have just found out that I come from a very long line of empaths. I used to think everything was just this whole mess of emotions and drama, but now I know how to handle what I’m able to do on a daily basis. So this was very helpful thank you.

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