13 Unique Challenges and Struggles An Empath Faces Daily

Unique Challenges and Struggles An Empath Faces Daily

This is because the moment they start interacting with other people; their inner turmoil keeps getting worse exponentially.

They need time off alone to replenish their sources.

And even that is not enough sometimes. So they go through their day, half-dead, trying to make the best of the situation. This is really a struggle of being an empath.

3) They know when someone is lying

And even though they might not like it, they feel obliged to call out the liar. This is because they know what kind of emotions are going through the person’s head, and for them detecting deception is not a difficult task at all.

Nobody wants to be called a telltale and yet, Empaths have to call out the liar in public. It is sort of their moral duty, that they have to protect people from any ill. Because knowing someone’s bad intentions and not acting against them is not acceptable to any decent human, no matter at what personal cost it comes.

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4) They go through intense emotions, several times during a day

An empath has no control whatsoever on selecting the person whose emotions they experience. Even a person walking by them on the street can influence their emotions.

And if these emotions are really intense (like violence or horror), then that means that they will play out with the same intensity inside the Empaths’ head too. They won’t be able to defend themselves against feeling sad out of the blue or incredibly angry.

All their good vibes are gone. They will feel their emotions shift. And it drains them a lot. These struggles of an empath are unique and difficult for non-empaths to understand.

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5) They find it hard to say ‘No’ to people

Most people are able to say ‘no’ to others when saying ‘yes’ would mean them some sort of personal harm; but not an empath.

If a person needs an empath’s help, and their situation is really dire, then the empath is able to feel the helplessness behind that plea and thus have no other option but to say ‘yes’; even if it would mean personal misfortune to themselves. They sacrifice their time and energy to help others and make them feel happy.

They have to consciously learn to turn people away and say no, for their own sanity and betterment.

6) They don’t get time for themselves

There are so many struggles of an empath that they face on a daily basis. They have to go through so many emotions. Moreover, they feel bad about turning people down. They’d always let other barges in on them, even if they had a really long day. All this means that they are not able to take out time for themselves. They need solitude! This is extremely crucial for them and not everyone understands that.

Not able to shut off compassion for those around you will leave you carrying a lot of burden. Unless they get some alone time, they won’t be able to relax and replenish their energy. If they keep on going without doing this, they will burn out sooner or later. It is best that they don’t let things get too drastic.

7) They are torn between going out and staying in

No doubt empaths can gel up with people pretty well, but they need more alone time. That doesn’t mean they are introverts. Empaths have hard time going from high-stimulus environments to low-stimulus situations, and vice versa. They may experience hollowness after a loud party or get overwhelmed being part of a crowded event.

Empaths need time to process such staggering transitions. They need a break from absorbing other people’s feelings and time to process their own emotions. Else they will develop poor mental health and not be able to maintain healthy relationships with anyone.

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  1. Hi I am 50 years old and I’m an Empath, I guess I really figured out my gift pretty early I was 11 years old and I just thought I was so emotional and shy , Life and communication has been a hard thing for me, I was in a car accident and I was in a coma with a TBI in 2002, after I woke up, my Empathy gifts were all over the place, I would see things like Spirits but things have calmed down for me and I know how to stay protected especially when you are out in public, I have to sage my house everytime I come back from going out even to the store , safely,, people are so emotional during this hard time, I feel anger and sadness and happiness,it’s an overload of emotions,‍♀️ I loved everything I read here today and thank you ☺️ I am glad I found this Page ☺️

  2. Me being a 13-year old I have just found out that I come from a very long line of empaths. I used to think everything was just this whole mess of emotions and drama, but now I know how to handle what I’m able to do on a daily basis. So this was very helpful thank you.

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