6 Signs You’re An Earth Angel

6 Signs You’re An Earth Angel

6. Modern Ideals Make No Sense To You

The norms of the modern world make no sense to the earth angels. Working a job we hate, buying things we don’t need, dressing or being how the world wants us to be, hating and fighting with fellow humans, lack of compassion and all such things make the angels question the ideals of this era and the answers make them reject these.

Earth angels know that we depend on each other for survival and even for happiness, we need to come together.  They believe we should come together. When we can live in joy, compassion, and abundance together, why bring isolation between us? They are preachers of love and something so beautiful overshadowed by something as ugly as hate makes no sense to them and annoys them.

They distance themselves from greed, materialism, conformism, and hatred. They like to spend time in nature which they feel is their second home and they feel connected. Borders, religion, race, or anything that promotes division and separation are something they steer clear from.

The path of a lightworker is not an easy one but in the end, it is very fruitful. If you are one of the lightworkers, don’t let the world bring you down. Remind yourself of the purpose you’re here for. You’re not here to fit into someone’s definition and not at all to be someone that others want you to be. You’re here to make a difference. Shine bright and spread the light.

If you want to know more about earth angels, check out this video below:

6 Signs You’re An Earth Angel
6 Signs You’re An Earth Angel

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