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6 Signs You’re In A Genuine Relationship

a genuine relationship

3. Invites You For Getaways Over The Weekend

More than half the grown-ups on this planet are forever looking to make memories while doing some amazing things. Staying in and ordering food online is definitely a lot of fun but imagine yourself getting into your car, playing some good music, and driving off to wherever you want to go. It’s a great feeling yea?

Another thing you should keep in mind is that loneliness will take you to an early grave so stay in touch with the people you love. Go out and have incredible experiences with whatever is in your budget.

4. Focuses Their Full Attention On You

Genuine Relationship
6 Signs You're In A Genuine Relationship

You know you are in a genuine relationship when your partner gives their full attention to you. Doing a lot of things at the same time can make you feel productive but at the same time it is also stressing you out. Shut down your PC, turn off your phone and just go out.

When you’re having a conversation, be it virtual or in real life, the other person should be fully focused on you. This shows you how much importance they give to your relationship and you should also reciprocate. Don’t do something bizarre like staring at them without pausing to blink. Just put away whatever it is you’re doing and be invested in the conversation.

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5. Tells You That They Love You

We have some friends who have been there for as long as we can remember. They’ve grown up along with us and been there for all the important moments. They know all our secrets and we’d trust them with our lives. But do we take the time to let them know how much we love them?

If you love someone or if someone loves you, be it romantic or platonic, you should be vocal about your feelings. While it is necessary to also treat them in a loving manner at all times, it just makes it all the more meaningful when you meet their gaze and let them know how much you love them.

6. There For You When You’re In Trouble

Life is unpredictable and you never know when it is going to trip you up. If you’re in a tough spot or you know someone else who is, work on building up a support system that will be there for those who are struggling. Posting on Instagram can make you feel nice for a while but sometimes it would help a lot more if they actually answer their phone.

In a genuine relationship, be there when someone needs help and expect the same from your own friends. Soothe their worries, make sure that they eat well, and stay till they climb back out of their pit.

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Keep your friends in touch in real life. This becomes harder after people have started families of their own and they’ve moved away but do your best. You can all change each other’s lives if you just make that extra effort. The world itself would be a better place if we could all learn to stay connected to each other.

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6 Signs To Look For In Your Relationship To Know If It Is Truly Genuine
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6 Signs You're In A Genuine Relationship
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