6 Reasons Why We Are Addicted To The Bad Boys And Men Who Hurt Us

6 Reasons Why We Are Addicted To The Bad Boys And Men Who Hurt Us

3. Predictability

We love a bad boy because we love risk, challenge, and excitement. For some reason, our brains tell us that these qualities are only found in the Neanthdathal man. The CCM seems too stable. Maybe he even highlights the part of us that isn’t.

4. Control

It’s not always a bad thing but generally women like an element of control in their lives, which is ironic as that’s the last thing you’ll get with the Neanderthal. However, nice guys are often misrepresented as too compromising. Sometimes even becoming a doormat as they are too afraid to go head to head with his arch nemesis Neanderthal. Having little boundaries often results in a lack of respect from women.

5. Undeniable hotness.

Think bad boy and I’m nearly 100 % certain your thinking tall, dark, moody, eyes you get lost in and luscious lashes that glue you to his soul. He probably drives a supped up Ute or even a grunty bike. He probably doesn’t ride the said bike with a helmet either. Because they have been overly blessed in the looks department means they get away with far more than they should.

6. So what’s the solution here?

I’m not going to lie; the CCM has a tough job ahead of him. He’s not just competing with the conniving Neanderthal who seems to have a sixth sense about how to reel us in and parades his sneaky techniques like a colorful peacock does to his mate, but he’s ultimately competing against us: the modern intelligent (yet slightly confused) woman.

One thing’s for sure, women need to take partial responsibility for the direction modern dating is headed. We need to take back our respect and our boundaries and realize we can have it all in a man.

Let’s not elevate the Neanderthal man to a status he’s only achieved through bad behavior and rock hard abs. We deserve kindness and morality as much as we crave adventure, attraction, and spontaneity. It’s up to us to rid the world of the CCMs evil counterpart.

The CCM is enough as he is.

Katy Moore is a professional writer and has written for popular magazines such as Cosmo, Women’s Weekly and Woman’s Day and is currently writing a book and starting her own blog. With her witty sense of  English humor and fresh perspective on how life is, she turns everyday situations into  humorous  and relatable articles!

Originally appeared on  TheDatingDirectory.Co

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6 Reasons Why We Are Addicted To The Bad Boys And Men Who Hurt Us
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