6 Reasons Why People Who Cry Are Mentally Stronger and Physically Healthier Says Studies

Reasons People Cry Are Mentally Stronger

Right Brain Thinking is intuitive and abstract. If we are right brain dominant, we tend to be more intuitive, abstract, in touch with our emotions and creative in our thinking.

Crying helps us to get in touch with our emotions and activates right brain thinking which fosters our creativity.

6) It helps to deal with loss and overcome grief.

The number of people who are suffering from high functioning depression or anxiety is on an all-time high today because we have been conditioned to stay motivated and put up a brave face despite what we are feeling inside.

But there are moments in our lives like the death of a loved one or loss of any major kind that requires something called a”grieving or wallowing “period.

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It does not help to tone down the pain or suppress our emotions.

Do whatever it takes to feel the emotion. Cry your heart out, scream, wallow, and let the pain flow through you. People who cry are mentally stronger!!!

There is a very famous quote by Rumi that states, “Wound is the place where the light enters you.”


Honor the wound. It is the doorway to healing.

Cry. Release. Make space for the light to enter.


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There is a lot of scientific research that proves that people who cry are actually stronger and healthier than people who don’t. Yeah, you read that right.
6 Reasons Why People Who Cry Are Actually Much Stronger and Healthier Than Those Who Don’t
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