6 Best Apps To Manage Stress

6 Best Apps To Manage Stress

6 best apps to manage stress


In today’s world, stress is the number one cause of severe and fatal mental diseases, such as depression and anxiety. Right from the teenage years to the major part of adulthood, human life is riddled with deadlines, competitions, and workload, responsible for stress accumulation. According to research, work and money are the topmost sources of stress in adults(65% and 67% respectively). In teenagers, more than a quarter say the experience “extreme stress levels”, and 34% of them expect stress to increase in the coming years.  


Despite these staggering numbers, most people feel they haven’t done enough to effectively manage their stress levels. Lack of time and resources is one of the major complaints. This is where stress management apps come into play. They are handy and easy to use and provide quick and effective solutions to all your stress problems.


Here are the 6 best apps that you should use to manage your stress levels.


  1. Pacifica  (iOS, Android, and The Web) –

    This stress management app is equipped with great deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises along with a mood tracker. It also helps you record your own thoughts in-app. This will help you understand your thought process and discern the patterns of your anxiety.

  2. Relax Melodies (Available on iOS only) –

    Good music is one of the most effective ways to get rid of stress accumulation. Relax melodies lets you choose from a good number of ambient and nature sounds, calm music and meditation sessions to pacify your stress hormones.

  3. Stop, breathe and think (Android and iOS) –

    The name of this app is a giveaway in itself. In the busy schedule, everybody has in these days, stopping to breathe and think has come to become a necessity. Stop, breathe and think provides you with the platform to take some time off from everything and concentrate on yourself.

  4. Happify (Android and iOS) –

    Negative energies that flow around you; be it from the news or the attitude of people you surround yourself with is one of the major reasons for stress build up. Happify works by using positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness, to help you fight off the negativity.

  5. Mindshift (Android and iOS) –

    This is a specialized app developed for teenagers and young adults that focus on issues that can cause stress and anxiety. Mindshift helps this age group recognize their thought patterns that induce anxiety and helps them work on their mental problems.

  6. Buddha Board (iOS) –

    This simple to use the app is inspired by the Zen philosophy of living in the moment. It lets you paint virtually on the surface of your mobile, then the painted sketch disappears slowly. The idea being – as you watch the paint disappear, your concerns and worries also vanish, and you are left with a clean slate, both literally and metaphorically.



Summing up


There are apps that are the cause of stress, and then there are apps that help in relieving stress. Technology can be a gift and a bane at the same time. It all depends on how people use it. Use technology wisely, and you will lead a mentally and physically healthy life.

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