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6 Ancient Remedies That Can Heal Your Body And Mind

Ancient Remedies That Can Heal Your Body

3. Tweak your coffee.

Most of us can’t start off the day without morning coffee. There are numerous studies claiming that coffee is good for the brain, concentration and staying fresh. But, it’s an undeniable fact that coffee is very acidic. 

Those already suffering from acidity and any other gastrointestinal problems, consuming excess coffee can do more damage to health. Yet, who on Earth would quit coffee? At least I won’t? 


Mix coffee grounds with cardamom powder and brew it together. You can add half a teaspoon of cardamom for every 12-ounce cup of coffee. Cardamom is the saviour here! It neutralizes acid and mucus-forming properties in milk. Also, removes excess kapha from the stomach and lungs. Thus, it is called a natural tranquillizer. 

What if you don’t like cardamom? Is there any other alternative? 

Yes, you can drink 12 ounces of warm water on an empty stomach every morning. This will help you negate coffee’s acidity on your stomach as well as minimize the desire for that second cup.

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4. Consume more turmeric.

Popular as “spice of life” turmeric is used in Ayurveda as anti-Pitta herbs. This miraculous herb can balance all doshas because it has blood- and liver-cleansing properties.

You can consume turmeric in various ways-

  • Add it to coconut-oil-sautéed vegetables 
  • Add to warm grass-fed milk and raw honey
  • Use it in soups
  • Add it to scrambles and frittatas

Health benefits of turmeric:

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5. Try self-massage.

Abhyanga is an ancient self-massage technique and is quite famous in Ayurveda. This technique involves massaging your whole body, from the scalp to the soles of your feet using warm oil. Oil pulls toxins from the skin and balances acid-alkaline levels in the body. This self-massage lowers stress hormones released by endocrine glands, which soothes your nervous system and leaves you cool-headed. Low-stress levels mean low acidity and associated healthproblems.


  • Take warm organic coconut oil and gently massage your entire body using both hands. 
  • Use circular motions on your joints and long strokes on your limbs. 
  • Do self-massage your body every morning, it will keep your nervous system calm.
  • Massage your scalp with coconut oil in circular motions. Do this twice a week, to pacify Pitta and reduce stress-induced hair loss.

Health benefits of self-massage

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6. Develop positive mindset.

When you harbour grudges, negative thoughts or constantly ruminate about your setbacks in life, it leads to stress and acidity. Negative thinking, self-criticism, comparison and competitiveness aggravates pitta in our body. So, if you want to improve physical health you must first work on your mind. Fix your mindset to neutralise acidity 


  • Daily practise meditation
  • Alternate-nostril breathing or Nadi Shodhana
  • Yoga breathing techniques or Pranayama

These three Ayurvedic practices are known to have profound alkalizing effects. They can well-balance our body chemistry and help us cope up with pangs of stress and anxiety. This, in turn, lowers acidity and other manifestations of mental stress. Meditation and breathing techniques promote mind, body and spirit connection. You will notice the increase in your ability to navigate thoughts, think about positives and tackle life’s challenges.

These are six evergreen remedies that will always help you improve your physical and mental health no matter how advanced the medicine and technology are. Not only cost-effective, but these remedies are also quick and need no help of professionals. Even though they are backed by scientific evidence, they are highly underestimated. Maybe because these remedies doesn’t appear as cool as body spa in expensive salons. 

Try these ancient remedies once and I bet you will see the remarkable difference in your physical and mental health. 

Please share this article with anyone who you may think will find it valuable and helpful. Also, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I am happy to hear from you. 

ancient remedies to heal mind and body
6 Ancient Remedies That Can Heal Your Body And Mind
6 Ancient Remedies That Can Heal Your Mind and Body
Ancient Remedies That Can Heal Your Body pin
6 Ancient Remedies That Can Heal Your Body And Mind
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