5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

How do energy vampires drain you?

I want to give you a little background about how this dynamics work. In our bodies, we have energy centers called chakras (you can read about them in these 2 articles here and here).

If chakras are balanced, we have balanced energy, we feel good, and we’re healthy. If one of them doesn’t function properly, then we feel the imbalance almost immediately.

If you say things like; today isn’t my day, or I feel burdened, then if I’d be you, I’d check chakras first. We feel the energy all the time, but the funny thing is that it’s so simple that we think that what we feel is stupid or we’ve made it up. In reality, our feelings inform us very well about our energies.

The energy vampires steal our energy mostly from the first three chakras. Your second chakra located below your navel connects you with everyone in your life. It creates an energy tunnel between you and the person. When you interact with someone and also think of someone, there is an energy exchange between you two through this tunnel.

Ideally, it’s more or less balanced exchange of energy. Your friends help you and uplift you, and then you also support them when they need it. However, when it’s more like the one-way stream (one of you is mostly giving), then you’re very likely just losing your energy.

Guess how many people can you energetically feed before burning out or feeling thoroughly exhausted?


Energy vampires in relationships

This is the reason why it’s better to have few real friends than hundreds of not so good friends who only take or gossip about you behind your back. Gossiping and envy are natural in our times with perfect social accounts. Also, your virtual friends can steal energy from you if they’re secretly jealous of you or envious.

If you’ve ever been in a disharmonious relationship, you’ve probably felt unhappy, heavy, or perhaps like being caught in a cage. If there is manipulative or controlling energy or if one partner gives more than the other, the relationships cannot last long.

At least it cannot be a happy relationship for a long time. One of the partners is literally sucking the energy of another which makes the other person lose self-confidence (3rd chakra) and makes them feel like it’s difficult to change the situation. They feel trapped because they’re leaking the energy which they need to change their condition.

Energy vampires steal our energy from our chakras. The first chakra corresponds with social norms (you should study this and become this), the second chakra is all about money, work, sexual energies, and personal relationships, and the third chakra which is responsible for our self-confidence and our boundaries (inability to say no also leads to energy leakage).

You leak your energy when you have a negative emotional reaction to something.

How to protect yourself from energy vampires?

There is a lot of information about energy protection. I would like to share with you what I do and hope it can serve you.

1. Learn to say no

When you say no to someone (and you mean it), you stop the energy flow between you two. Your energy always obeys your command.

Think about the moment when you were proud of yourself for saying no to someone. Did you feel more empowered? The reason is that you stopped donating energy to them and instead stopped the flow. Having clear boundaries is essential for creating a balanced life. When you say yes, and you know that you shouldn’t have, you betray yourself.

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