5 Ways To Disarm A Love Bombing Sociopath

So get a group – go bowling, hiking, to art walks, free concerts, day time fun things that reveal people’s true character and personality through group interaction. A sociopath can’t hold up as a real functioning person in a group – because they aren’t.

Ask friends what they think of him. Take their answers to heart. Trust  friends.

 4) Online Research.

What is this guys name? Who are his friends? Look through his Facebook with open eyes. A cold examining eye. Look for patterns. Is everything he – or she – posts about themselves? (Bad.) Does he have family – parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends who consistently comment and support over the life of his Facebook presence? (Good.) Does he show anger at others, does he rage in posts? (Bad.) Are most of his friends and comments from women? (Bad.) Are photos all of him? Or him with celebrities? (Bad.) Is there a guy or two who posts on his page: Dude, I haven’t heard from you – what’s up? I can’t reach you?! (Bad.)

Google him. Verify any posting related to him – trace it’s origin. He likely planted a good reputation and super achievements online. Did you find unclear or contradicting information? Does he move a lot? Change jobs a lot?  (Bad, bad, bad.) (Run, run, run.)

Special Rule Number 5 to Detect a Love Bombing Sociopath

5) Really Look At His Or Her Eyes.

Sociopaths are shape-shifters. They change externally as their game goes through ups and downs. Sociopaths have a top-of-the-world-charmer-face used for meeting and greeting. They have a suspicious-face that slips in place when they’re suspicious of danger to their game. A cunning victory-face when things are going well, a scary I-will-get-you-face, and even a creature-in-hell-face when their world of lies unravels – because  a sociopath and the truth are like a cold bucket of water to the Wicked Witch of the West.

When you find images of them, examine, rather than interject our own – Oh, he’s so cute and sweet – and, She’s so pretty! Cover up the bottom smiley part of their face. Look closely at the eyes only. Now cover one eye. Then the other, looking at them each singly. Another element to look out for is looking almost like a different person from photo to photo. Does their expression or our impression of them vary in photos. Sometimes they look really good and nice and then sometimes – well – kind of scary or creepy, or blank, or crazy. Who is he with? Where is she? Is he always partying? – Is he posing with lots of different women..? Or no women…? Flashing cash, cars…? Are most of the photos of themselves? Showing themselves as great parents with children all around them? – These are give-away signs. Trust your instincts over social programming or dreams of a white dress and wedding bells or a house full of children and a wonderful homemaker wife.

We will not be scammed. We, my friends, will thrive! And as a bonus here’s a new perspective on happiness in a Ted Talk with Shawn Achor. He doesn’t say a thing about sociopaths…. That’s the point. Sociopaths are not really real. They’re a zombie-empty-shell of made-up stories and lies. We are real. And we can be who we want to be – sociopath free!!

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

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15 thoughts on “5 Ways To Disarm A Love Bombing Sociopath”

  1. It amuses me that these sites exist. You say sociopaths do not feel anything. You are wrong. I feel very thankfull for letting me know how you can spot me and helping me improve my persona. In truth almost no one that hasn’t been harassed by a sociopath searches about them. The only ones who do are the very sociopaths themselves. Thank you for keeping me up to date

  2. “All sociopaths are alike”.

    My god, you are a TOXIC, uneducated piece of work.

    No, all sociopaths are not alike. This is quite literally one of the least accurate statements you could have possibly made about Antisocial personality disorders.

    1. Shameful.

      This is why education and awareness about mental health are important.


      This individual is going to drag you down, not lift you up. That’s all people like this do; drag others down to their level.

      Tread carefully, as the path this person has gone down is a never-ending rabbit hole of questionable behavior.

    1. All sociopaths are identical in the limited capacity of their minds and lack of emotional intelligence, and inability to operate normally in society – or even understand how to – because of the same non-functioning regions of their abnormal brains. There are extremely slight variations from one sociopath to the next only in the depth of drug use, prevalence of violence, level of what we’d consider sexual abuse and deviant sexual behavior, and the number of things they’ve done that are classified as crimes. – Other than that their minds function identically.

      1. So all sociopaths use drugs, are sexual abusers, and commit crimes now, too?

        More factually incorrect bullshit.

        You are a sick person. Seek help.

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