5 Ways of How to Become Successful in What You Do

5 Ways of How to Become Successful in What You Do

I’ve never heard of a person who doesn’t want to be successful and I think neither have you, nor the people you know. Unfortunately, most of the people who try to become successful and who seek for the key of success fail, for a wide variety of reasons, including lack of knowledge and skills, motivation issues, carelessness, illness, etc.

If you ever feel sad and don’t have the motivation for success, don’t worry because by working smart and by working on good strategies for success, you can become the next Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc. Here you may find the 5 best practices of becoming successful.

Do more networking

Don’t stop networking with your colleagues, even with your boss because it’s one of the best strategies for success. You never know which new opportunities open due the networking. There are many opportunities to network. For example, you can use your lunch time to catch up with colleagues you haven’t talked to in a while. Likewise, seminars or conferences are an excellent opportunity to meet new people and expand your circle. Every new or old acquaintance that you communicate with can become a big CHANCE. The key is to network a lot, even with people who, at first sight, don’t look like they can help you. You never know what ideas they have or what other useful connections they have from you can benefit.

Don’t stop generating new ideas and starting new projects

There are new ideas behind each successful story or each successful man. Don’t stop thinking and don’t stop being passionate about starting something new. It doesn’t matter what you think about your project or idea. Share it with your colleagues and experts in this field, even with your family members or friends. Be open for opinions and suggestions. Nobody was born as a billionaire – everybody started from something small. And that “something” is idea. So write your ideas in a notebook or laptop. Think about them, discuss them with your friends or colleague and start creating something new. Long story short, use your imagination, as stated in an article on success.com

Stop saying “tomorrow”

Sure, it’s been million times that you heard someone saying “I will start with it tomorrow”. I will start my business, my fitness exercises, my diet, my book etc. The keyword here is “tomorrow”. Every other day “tomorrow” will work, because every day has its own tomorrow.


Delaying something that you think is important means that you’re either scared as your life will change or your reasons are not valuable enough for you. Another explanation to that is that you are just talking (bla bla bla) because you don’t want to change anything, and you just want to talk.
Make it a habit to say NOW. It would be even better if you don’t talk, just start doing it.

Don’t be the victim of your job

You don’t like what you do? You don’t like your job, your boss, your colleagues? Why are you working there? Stop being the victim of your job. You think that you have to do this? It reminds me of stories, where men and women aged above 60 years old talk about doing something in other way, talk about leaving their job which they hate, starting their own business, working on their ideas, but do not have any other choice than continuing working on something that they don’t like. Remember, you have a choice in every situation and in every condition and choice is one of the characteristics of successful people. Yes, it can be hard, it can be even worse than you could imagine, but you always have a choice and chance. Don’t miss the chance. Don’t say “but I can’t…but I have no choice.” Don’t let guilt control you, says Ramit Sethi in an article on willteachyoutoberich.com.

Don’t miss the hard parts of your success

What do you think? Why usually people don’t become successful? Because all those people miss the hard parts of their path to their dream. What do you usually think about when having an idea of starting your business that let’s say produces gadgets. I am sure you are thinking about sitting in your office,  receiving congratulations and going to trade shows where your product is the only thing that everybody talks about. Don’t miss the hard part of your success. To be successful means to work hard and smart, to work 28 hours a day: solving problems, managing risks, struggling with competitors, meeting with unsuccessfulness and this is the small part of your problems and the path that you need to pass before becoming successful. When dreaming, keep in your mind to be ready to face challenges.

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