5 Unexpected Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

Once you can wake up in the middle of the night with stiffness in your limbs and unable to get out of the bed. Your mind can become preoccupied with numerous unexpected thoughts, and all of them will be standing inside your mind with the banner signs on which you will see the question: what’s your life’s purpose.

Such thoughts can attack you in the most unexpected moments, and it would be really hard to eliminate them. Consider this question one of the most fundamental questions that human beings ask themselves at some peculiar moments of their lives. It happens that people abandon their workplace and set on the way to search something for what they can’t even find a name. This something is called – goals in life.

All Goals Start with a Wish

Nobody can guarantee that after searching for this important thing, you will succeed in finding your purpose of existence. I have tried numerous times attempting all types of activities as a salesman in the local hardware store, as a barista in the café and even as a writer.

Do you think it was enough? – Of course, it wasn’t. Furthermore, I’ve tried numerous mental and spiritual practices to get the answer on how to find purpose in life, my life. One thing that is worth being remembered – get ready for some serious tormenting as there is no easy answer to this question.

Here are several unexpected ways to find purpose of your living in this world and I do hope that they will assist you in some way.

Try Everything New

Never limit yourself! Limitations are equal to failure and the more limits you set to yourself, the lower chance of finding what your wish is. Remember the movie with Jim Carrey when he had to agree with everything. Although this is a comedy – staying open to experience that is coming to your hands is something that every person should do.

Consider all your dreams and desires starting with your:

  • childhood
  • teenage
  • adulthood

You are capable of making them real. Forget about all your fears and start realizing all your dreams immediately. With every dream fulfilled, you will become one step closer to finding what you desire.

Understand your Strongest Points

Accepting oneself the way you are is among the most effective means of understanding what you really want from yourself. Try to estimate yourself from various angles and analyze all your weak and strong points as it will help your self-acceptance. Write down all your qualities and try to think what needs to be improved. Constant work on oneself assists in becoming a more developed personality seeing the world filled with colors and hues.


Work with People

The experience of social work is something that helps to understand the world. Participate in some charity work as helping other people makes you open to something new. With an open heart, you become free for experience of other members of society. The cases, when people hear stories about somebody, and it shifts their perception of the world are not rare, and something similar might happen to you. You need to get acquainted with cultures from various parts of the world as their ideas might be capable of pulling the strings of your own heart.  

Do not Aim for Singularity

Get ready to the fact that ONE perfect goal of life does not exist. Try to find various activities which are close to your heart and try them out. Check if you feel comfortable in this or that area and afterward consider if it is worthy of the time spent. Stick to something one is the same limitation that is imposed on a person by himself. Break the chains of limits and allow the flow of the world carry you on its wings.

My Purpose doesn’t Exist

Being obsessed with the very idea of finding aim of one’s self is the worst thing. Unnoticed, this involvement into constant searching can become a vampire that will suck your energy without any possible results.

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