5 Things That Are Self-Care And 5 Things That Are Not

 April 19, 2019

5 Things That Are Self-Care And 5 Things That Are Not

This invariably comes with a sense that we mustn’t feel any of the feelings that we know the world frowns upon. Which means we can’t be sad, angry, bitter or any such thing.

When you’re focusing on self-care, you’ll have to come back to the truth that you’ll have feelings and no matter how difficult they seem, there is good reason to heed them.

It is anyone’s guess what long-term pent-up emotions can do. Alternative medicine even has made connections with emotions and auto-immune conditions like cancer.



Emotions and feelings are seen the world over with a certain amount of wariness. Some people associate lack of control with show of emotions, some aren’t even in touch with how they feel and some are fearful of what might happen if they are to show their feelings.

While recognizing how important self-care is, it is absolutely necessary that you look the world of feelings and also figure how to express.

Safe expression is part of self-care, and it’s essential you stay authentic to expression without causing harm to yourself or another.


Self care isn't just drinking water



I remember the time I was steeped in a “doing” mode. Sleep had become an insistent problem and my overall metabolism had been hugely impacted. That was when I realized I would need to tune into what “felt” good to me.

I began looking at the basics – the food I was eating, the yoga I was practicing, the way I was taking rest.

Self-care does not mean that these basics fall into place quickly, It simply means an intention to work on the new self-awareness you’re cultivating with every passing day.



Even before I got acquainted with the idea of self-care, I was told, “Do what makes you happy.” While this is wonderful advice to follow, many times we forget all those things that inspire us to live and go on living anyway.

We forget to play, to write, to dance, we forget to visit those places that made us feel about ourselves. Self-care is to get back in touch with all those aspects of yourself that might make you feel alive and well, but you don’t know enough of.

In my own journey, I have seen how self-care can change the quality of life. How small changes can bring a sense of wellness and well-being.

An awareness of what works for you and what doesn’t can put you further on your path of exploration.


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5 Things That Are Self-Care And 5 Things That Are Not

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