5 Things Men Think About Women But Won’t Say

Things Men Think About Women But Won’t Say

Women, on the other hand, have evolved to under-perceive sexual interest. Meaning, you don’t think most guys are into you when they really are.

When my girlfriend and I are walking down the street, I’ll tell her that a guy was checking her out. She never believes me! But I see the looks and I know. But she under-perceives what men think about women, and you probably do too.

The evolutionary reason that you probably don’t notice when a man is interested is that you don’t want to have sex with the wrong guy, risk getting pregnant and potentially raising a kid on your own. So you only pay attention to signs of sexual interest when it suits you, aka you’re into him as well.

So if you’re sick of men going around thinking they’re hot shit, then you can blame Darwinism and evolution.

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Conclusion: You might not always want to know what men think about women

Look, to be fair, there’s a ton of things that women think about men that you don’t want us to know. So don’t freak that what men think about women isn’t always butterflies and unicorns. We’re gross. We’re crass. We think what’s on our mind, even if we don’t always say it.

And you need to let that go, by the way. Let go of your desire to always know what’s on our minds. Because sometimes you won’t like it. And then you’ll be sad or mad, and we won’t know what to do about that. We tried to warn you!

Understand that men and women think about things and process emotions completely differently. And that’s okay. That’s what you like in a guy: the fact that he sees the world totally differently than you do. Let him have his perspective, and you keep yours.

Is there something else in what men think about women that you wonder about? Share in the comments below and I’ll do my best to address it.

And in the meantime, get the Male Mind Map to better understand what men think about women!

Written by Adam LaDolce
Originally appeared on SexyConfidence

5 Things Men Think About Women (But Won’t Say Out Loud)
Things Men Think About Women But Won’t Say Pin

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