5 Things Extroverted Creatives Want You to Know

 January 31, 2019

5 Things Extroverted Creatives Want You to Know

We yearn for energizing, stimulating and invigorating activities and environments. We need fire and passion in our lives, and we thrive on running full-caliber. We seek out excess and eustress, and we love all things loud and over-the-top.

We enjoy this energy; it is our ideal state, so don’t try to hold us back or bring us down in any way. What is “cozy” for you can be stuffy and stifling to us. Similarly, all which is “calm,” “quiet,” “peaceful,” “relaxed” and “soothing” can feel like a prison sentence to an extrovert. Different things feel good to different people, and everyone has their own definition of happy. Enthusiasm lights us up, whereas sentimentality can drain us of our vitality. Feed our flame to keep us happy. We love those with whom we can be fully ourselves without restraint.

5. Don’t be embarrassed about not being as expressive or as excitable as us.

We admire your composure and your ability to keep yourself together when we incapacitate ourselves laughing. Also, patience and stability are virtues we value a lot — in other people. We don’t expect you to behave the same way we do (most people don’t, after all), and it doesn’t make you any less fun to be around. We wouldn’t want to have to share the spotlight with you anyway.

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5 Things Extroverted Creatives Want You to Know