5 Things Couples Who Are Actually In Love Do Differently

5 Things Couples Who Are Actually In Love Do Differently


5.  They make sure to show their appreciation.

I want to make something clear. Telling someone you love them, is not showing appreciation. It can be part of it, but the stand alone statement of ‘I love you’ can get a little worn out in a long term relationship. After awhile, you have to find more creative ways to really SHOW your love and appreciation. Which can still be a verbal thing.

If you come home to a clean kitchen, take note of it and say something. “I noticed you took the time to clean the kitchen today. I know we had a huge dinner last night and I really appreciate you taking on that job.”

Make sure they know you’ve noticed how hard they’ve been working. “I can tell that you’ve been really stressed lately with work and I want you to know that I love and respect your drive so much. I really do believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to.”

Or just remind them that you find them attractive. “Your butt looks ridiculously amazing in those pants. I want to chew on it.”


Any verbal praise and appreciation is always… well… appreciated. And, if you’re looking for ways to show your love in a more obvious way, check out my book on romantic gestures for a few ideas.

Really working at infusing these habits into your day to day life will make a world of difference.

Send this article to your partner and make a plan to start implementing them this week!

By Jordan GrayPrinted with permission

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5 Things Couples Who Are Actually In Love Do Differently

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