5 Things A Narcissist Does To Keep You From Leaving Them

Things Narcissist Does Keep You Leaving Them

That’s why they’re putting on such a performance. They’ll try to touch your compassionate side but don’t forget that all this is just an act to prey on you again.

4.  Appealing to your saviour complex

We all feel good about saving someone and the narcissist is well aware of it and will use it against you. They might tell you that their partner is abusing them and they need help to get out.

There might a fake suicide attempt, some run-in with the law, some tough spot that only you can get them out of and so on. It’s a pretty good tactic because it’s a win-win situation for them.

You can offer help but that just means they’re pulling you back in to the vicious relationship you took so long to get out of.

If you don’t rush to their side, you’ll just be left feeling like you’re a terrible human being for deserting them when they needed you.

You’ll feel like they came to you only because they care about you so much and can’t live without you. But really, beware of this tactic because it goes a lot deeper than you think it does.

They’ll do their best to come up with a convincing sob story and if you don’t fall for it, they’ll ensure that you pay for it.

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5.  They’ll slander you in front of all and sundry

Many are forced to go back to their narcissist of an ex just so that they can show the world that they’re not bad people. This happens because of all the stories the narcissists have spread around after they’ve been dumped.  

You need to be on guard if the narcissist knows the people you generally hang out with because they will tell tales to make them believe that you are the devil incarnate.

You’ll suddenly be cut off by a lot of people and even people you’ve never met before will judge you for things you never did or did out of desperation in order to be free.

When A Narcissist Can No Longer Control You

They’ll keep at it till you find yourself in a position wherein you have to reach out to them to fix your standing in society.

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Before you know it, you’ll be saying sorry for hurting them, even if all you did was tell them that they abused you. You’ll be begging to be taken back even though it took so much of your strength to finally leave them.

Remember that you deserve a lot more than they can give you so don’t put yourself down for their benefit. Your true friends will be there for you because they know the truth of what you’ve had to go through.

5 Things A Narcissist Does To Keep You From Leaving Them Ever
Things Narcissist Does Keep You Leaving Them Pin

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