5 Steps To Overcome Chronic Procrastination

When you know and understand what you have to do, it’ll be way easier to start working and gaining momentum.

Take Consistent Action

Proper action is what makes things happen. When you are procrastinating, you basically avoid taking action. An idea or plan without consistent action towards the accomplishment of it will never work.

If you’re a chronic procrastinator, you must clearly understand that the most important part of your “recovery” is action. You must force yourself to start. It’s up to you whether you want to progress or not. If you want to stay mediocre, just avoid thinking about what you’ve just read and move on with your life. If you truly desire change, start taking action!


When we talk about curing chronic procrastination, we’re basically talking about a healing process. After you accept the fact that something’s wrong, find the specifics of your problems, and commit to taking consistent action, you will definitely notice improvements. You’ll be able to do more things, without having to deal with so much hustle and pain when starting.


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