A 5-Step Guide To Escape The Guilt Trap

step guide escape guilt trap

4. Dismiss the Jury that Decides Your Worth!

Stop allowing others to determine your worth; let everyone off the hook and take your power back. It’s none of your business what anyone thinks about you.

5. Demonstrate Worth! 


If you believe you are worthy, your thoughts, actions, and behaviour must consistently demonstrate worth. For example:

  • Think empowering thoughts and say no to self-judgment.
  • Care for your body as a sacred temple.
  • Set and enforce boundaries that teach others how to treat you.
  • Protect your energy and not allow anyone to bring you down.
  • Respect your time and say “no” when you want to say no.
  • Share your gifts and talents and do what you love to do.
  • Speak your truth and stand in your power.
  • Love who you really are and honour yourself as a treasure!

Although this may seem like a big list to master, healthy and abundant people live accordingly. Consider that each aspect of this list that is overlooked may result in corresponding issues.

The key point is choosing to believe that you are unconditionally worthy, and doing your best to act, think and behave like someone who knows and owns their worth.

As you develop a new practice of unconditional worth remember to be kind and patient with yourself. It is a step by step, moment to moment, process until you reach a threshold where unconditional worth sets you free!

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Motivation to Inspiration

If you’re still worried that without guilt and obligation you won’t fulfil responsibilities, you can set your mind at ease. Sure, it’s possible that some responsibilities drop away, especially the things you’re only doing to prove or improve worth, but without guilt and obligation being the driving force, most people tend to show up more authentically, and, therefore, are much more effective in all areas of life, and this is exactly what I experienced.

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Claiming my worth allowed me to identify my energy as valuable currency, and, as a result, I was able to realign all my relationships in ways that respected my time and energy, thereby filling the holes in my life where energy was leaking. Committed to my wellbeing, I said no over and over again until it was as effortless as breathing, and after a few months of guilt-free living, my energy was replenished, my health restored, and my zest for life reignited.

As I treasured my energy, my energy manifested treasures, and, as a result, the most unexpected thing occurred. Overflowing with energy, I had an abundance to share, and I discovered a deep desire to contribute and be of service to others. However, without the dark spell of guilt and obligation, love effortlessly took the helm, and instead of being depleted, I became energized from the inside out. But, this is not just my experience; over the years, I have helped thousands of people do the same.

As ego-driven motivation falls away and source-driven inspiration takes its place, love becomes the guiding force, and this leads to a whole new way of living, where true authenticity inspires joy, contribution, and fulfilment. Isn’t this how life is meant to be lived?

Written By Nanice Ellis
Originally appeared on: Nanice.com 
Republished with permission.
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