5 Signs You Are An Absolute Sapiosexual: Intelligence Turns You On!

you are sapiosexual

The other reason is that people who are generally wiser keep shut most of the time. The spewing of bacteria through their mouth at all times could also lead to an enormous amount of brain cells dying.

The last reason is that sharing silence together with someone who loves you is a clear indicator that this is the comfort zone for you. A silence that is shared is the best form of silence there is. You would think that being on the call and not talking, just being there, would be ridiculous, but it is actually beautiful.


4. Quality Over Popularity

You aren’t a person who cares much about how much one likes a particular product until and unless it is useful to you. This goes for all things in life. You don’t care about what other substances are selling like hotcakes on a wintry evening; you would go about buying your usual. While the rest of the world would be reading Nicholas Sparks or John Green, you would be busy settling on your couch with Ishiguro in your hands. That should, in a way tell you that you are a sapiosexual.

It could be anything, though. When the rest of the world would be watching a particular movie that was popular, you would be at home, watching Bergman, simply because there is gravitas in his movies. The whole world would be watching Rihanna sing, while you would be at home, headsets on, jamming with Simon and Garfunkel.


5. Thirsty for Intellect Than Company

A Sapiosexual looks for constant learning and growth. You would find him watching documentaries, reading books, researching on varied topics. They get into conversations and often arguments to challenge their own thing, and look at things with different perspectives. Sapiosexuals would starve of monotony and boredom if their mind is not constantly challenged. They love to be around people who challenge their intellect, otherwise, they lose interest in them quickly.


People consider sapiosexuals to be pretentious people because they tend to stick away from the crowd, but in reality, they are just made that way. They don’t pretend to be different, they just are different. They can have fun just like the rest. They choose not to.

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