5 Signs He’s Not Your Soulmate (And You’re Settling For Second Best)

5 Signs He’s Not Your Soulmate (And You’re Settling For Second Best)

If you’re trying too hard to impress someone, or you don’t feel like you can authentically be yourself with them, then do not fall in love with them.

You are enough just the way you are. If you’ve been with people in the past who’ve said you’re too much of something, or not enough of something else, then they’re not your soulmate or your “One”.

Your perfect partner can’t see past you. Any imperfections that you might think will make someone you’re interested in the run for the hills, will be adorable to your soulmate.

So do not fall in love with anyone who doesn’t know that you are fabulous — exactly as you are!


5.  You’re not really ready for everything a committed relationship involves.

After talking for almost an hour about her ideal partner, I asked my friend Rachel if she was really ready for him to show up. She took a deep breath, and said, “No.”

She couldn’t believe it. We had just spent all this time creating her perfect mate, and yet, when I asked her if she really wanted it, she realized that she was still enjoying being single, and wasn’t ready for a new relationship.

If you’re enjoying your freedom and independence, then you definitely shouldn’t fall in love.

How much time do most people spend enjoying their singlehood? Older generations put such a stigma on being single after a certain age. In some cases, a woman was considered a spinster if she wasn’t married by 25!

Luckily today, our life expectancy is much longer and more and more people are waiting to “settle down” until they’re in their 30s and 40s.

Own that no matter what, it’s your choice.

Have fun and allow the right person to show up when the time is right!

Written by Kelly Ann Garnett

Originally appeared on Yourtango.com

Republished with permission from the author

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5 Signs He’s Not Your Soulmate (And You’re Settling For Second Best)

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