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5 Red Flags for Common Health Problems in Women

5 Red Flags for Common Health Problems in Women

Identifying the red flags for common health problems in women is essential to prevent severity of illnesses.

Women are always faced with tasking demand of striking a balance between their work, home chores, and living a healthy lifestyle.

As a result, Health Problems in Women becomes subject of discussion. However, some societies tend to downplay all these and few women as second-class beings.

It is essential to take note of the health red flags that show up in women that demand medical attention. As a result, it is vital to give women periodic comprehensive medical check-ups to save the life of a woman.

Here are some of the most prevalent red flags often ignored by both women and men. `

1. Alteration of the Stages of menopause

The significant majority of women do not take note of the change in Stages of menopause. One of the most common reasons for the change in menopause pattern is pregnancy.

However, irregular periods are considered a red flag since it can be an evident sign iron deficiency or multiple pregnancies. Thus, when a lady recognizes a change in their periods, either a heavy or a lighter flow of blood, it is essential to take a blood test establish the cause of the change.

 When the change in period cycle accompanied by blood pressure, it could be a side effect of birth control pills or other medications. Painful periods could be an indication of a problem with the uterus, fibroids, cervical cancer, or uterine polyps.

Thus, it is critical women always to check the condition of their periods, as it is a clear reflection of your health condition or a reaction to drugs or age.

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2.    Abdominal Pains

Stomach pains are some of the most common symptoms of problems with the abdomen. Though it could be just a simple indigestion problem, severe illnesses could be a sign of a more significant underlying problem.

When the stomach pains become persistent and lead to bowel irritation, get medical attention from a doctor. Here is why that is a red flag for women and why you need to get checked urgently.

When a woman experiences a lower abdominal pain accompanied by a vaginal discharge that either green or yellow, plus pain in passing urine, just get checked. It could be an infection in the pelvis that could lead to infertility.

Such pain could also be a sign of cervical cancer which is common to all women but most prevalent to women above the ages of 40.

Upper abdomen problem especially after meals, which radiates to the back, could be a sign your pancreas is not well. On the other hand, when such pains are accompanied by vomiting, it could be a sign your gallbladder is not in excellent condition.

When you have lower abdominal pains that transit to the thighs and an urge to pass water more frequently, it could be a clear indication of kidney stones get checked.

Any pains in your abdomen deserve medical checkup and treatment. When the pains lead to weight loss and fatigue, it could a sign you have cancer that has not gone too far. When the strains cause difficulty in breathing a heart attack could be just around the corner.

3.    General Body Fatigue

Though this sign easily gets ignored by lots of women due to their busy schedules, it could be a red flag to some severe problems within you.

Anaemia is the first red flag that will cause severe fatigue. Anaemia is a condition in which your body is experiencing lower blood levels, and as a result, the body is not well nourished with vital nutrients and oxygen.

Repeated waking up at night causing you to feel tired in the morning could be signs of overweight and changes in the period.

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4.    Breast Lumps

Women are always advised to continually check the condition of their breasts to identify any abnormal lumps. Painful lumps and soft lipoma can be contained when detected early.

However, breast lumps become a health concern when it becomes a symptom of cancer of the breast. When you start experiencing pain in your lump, it is a clear sign the disease is advanced, and it tends to affect the surrounding areas of your breast.

5.    Skin Change

Skin change is inevitable especially with old age, puberty, menopause, and brown patches. Though sometimes it could be a reaction due to cosmetic products, at times it is a health red flag.

Skin darkening around your nail brittles could be a sign you are experiencing a deficiency in calcium. An indoor lifestyle and strict adherence to a vegetarian diet could be the reason of your skin darkening, or a sign of insufficient Vitamin D.

Post-menopause problems, multiple pregnancies, and excessive breastfeeding could all be the reason behind the skin darkening around your nails.

The formation of lots of moles or a considerable change in the existing moles can be a clear sign of malignant melanoma or aggressive cancer in your body.

Social factors and changes of hormones in the body of a woman can lead to skin changes.

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Besides, it could be a sign of skin disorders and paying attention to precise skin changes can be the difference between life and death.


 Daisy Grace is a health and beauty expert. She enjoys writing on different topics related to women health issues and skincare such as hyperpigmentation, acne etc.She also writes on different advanced techniques for skin like microdermabrasion, micro needling etc. She always explore new things related to general health and beauty.View Author posts

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