5 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest After Sex

5 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest After Sex

If the answer to these questions is no, you might be trying to force a relationship where there is none. Even if the sex is fantastic, that’s not going to sustain you.

Want more for yourself. A happy and healthy relationship has both amazing sex and wonderful quality time. The right partner is one you’re eager to have conversations about anything at all with, and one you’re just as happy curling up next to on the couch with as much as going out for dinner and a movie.

So don’t let sex dominate your view of this relationship (or…not-relationship, as it were).


Know this: your sexual power over men is incredibly potent. Men will climb over mountains for sex sometimes.

As someone famous once said (though no one’s sure who first said it; Spiderman’s uncle? Voltaire?):

With power comes great responsibility.

If you’re only using that sexual power to lure him in, don’t be surprised that once that power disappears, he does too.

Sex can be a healthy component of a balanced relationship, but it should never be used as a tool.

Men know the power that women yield over them. It’s probably why they pull into their turtle shells at the first sign of affection from women.

Know what you want from a relationship, and from sex, my Confident Lady. Don’t be afraid to express your needs, or to cut bait when necessary. You’re better off ending it with a guy you know will never want more than a romp in the hay if you’re on your path to love.

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Written by Adam LaDolce
Originally appeared on SexyConfidence

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5 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest After Sex

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