15 Best Mental Health Movies To Watch

Best Mental Health Movies Watch

(4) Melancholia:

15 Best Mental Health Movies To Watch

Type of Mental Illness: Depression.

Theme: Released in 2011 and directed by Lars von Trier, Melancholia is a science fiction film and also a psychological thriller.

Through the world of Justine, we come to know of the life of depressed people, how every moment they feel their world has fallen apart and the next moment succumb to an eerie peacefulness.

Amidst a damaged relationship, Justine is left alone in a family which is full of dysfunctional elements. She is surrounded by people who deliver all the ugly signs of humanity, contributing to her detachment from the world.

It’s only when the earth is on the verge of getting struck by a gas giant and everyone goes into a state of fright, Justine is the only one to display wisdom.

The movie shows how depression affects not just the individual but also the family.

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(5) I Smile Back:

15 Best Mental Health Movies To Watch

Type of Mental Illness: Bipolar Disorder.

Theme: Directed by Adam Salky, the movie was released in 2015. The protagonist Laney Brooks is happily into drugs, sleeps around with men in spite of having a husband and kids. It’s only with the destruction of her family that she realizes her mistake and tries her best to overcome them.

6. Rain man:

Rain Man

Type of Mental Illness: Autism.

Theme: Released in 1988 and directed by Barry Levinson, Rain Man is an American road comedy-drama film.

Charlie (Tom Cruise) discovers he has an older brother Raymond (Dustin Hoffman). While Charlie is autistic, Raymond has an incredible memory and incomparable math skills. The characters get to know each other during a road trip across the country. Not only they learn about disabilities, but the journey offers them a life-changing experience.

7. As Good As it Gets

Mental Health Movies

Type of Mental Illness: obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Theme: This 1997 American romantic comedy film is directed by James L. Brooks. The film stars Jack Nicholson as a misanthropic and obsessive-compulsive novelist. The movie depicts how ostracizing it can be for someone to live with OCD and how troublesome it is for them to make connections with people, who understand them.

8. Still Alice

Mental Health Movies

Type of Mental Illness: Alzheimer’s disease. 

Theme: This American independent drama film is written and directed by Richard Glatzer. Still Alice was released in 2015. The movie starring Julianne Moore as a linguistic professor chronicles her journey from the day she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Loss of memory, trouble performing activities of daily living, and the efforts of family member trying to support her while watching her deteriote in front of eye – will leave readers in tears and heartwrneching sobs.

9. Charlie Bartlett

Mental Health Movies

Type of Mental Illness: ADHD.

Theme: Charlie Bartlett, released in 2007 and directed by Jon Poll is an American comedy-drama film. The movie depicts how a rich kid struggling with ADHD, turns into a self-appointed psychiatrist to the student body of his new public school. While using unconventional methods to help people with body image, sexuality, and other deep-seated problems, he ends up finding his true calling.

10. Girl, Interrupted 

15 Best Mental Health Movies To Watch

Type of Mental Illness: Borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Theme:  Girl, Interrupted is a 1999 American psychological drama film directed by James Mangold. The movie shows what happens inside an American psychiatric hospital for women and how Susanna (Winona Ryder), who suffers from BPD, tries to figure out who she truly is. You will be surprised to know what it was like to live with mental illness in the 1960s and how much society has changed today. The movie also gives lasting and specific dimension to our definitions of sane and insane, mental illness and recovery.

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