5 Love Languages of an Empath and a Narcissist

5 Love Languages of an Empath and a Narcissist

Empaths are not at all materialistic. They don’t really get carried away by flashy items, their preferred gifts would be well thought of, meaningful, handmade gifts or gifts of sentimental value.
Sooner or later, the Empaths would see through the Love Bombing phase of a Narcissist because they cannot feel fulfilled or loved with only gifts or hollow words of affirmation for long.


4) Acts of service (devotion)

Narcissists think that the whole world revolves around them and they feel highly entitled to everything and think everyone should serve their needs.

They not only expect their partner to do the routine chores for them like cooking, laundry etc but also expect them to fulfill their every whim and fancy.

Empaths have very poor boundaries around giving as they don’t like confrontations or saying no and end up being the ones who do all the work in the relationship. In the process, they end up feeling deeply unloved and uncared for as they exhaust themselves in taking care of their partner without getting any appreciation or thoughtful acts of service in return.

This dynamic serves Narcissists really well as they feed off the energy of an Empath but it totally exhausts an Empath and causes them to feel insecure or unworthy.


5) Physical touch

Narcissists operate in extremes as far as physical touch is concerned. They want their physical needs to be met at all times but they will withhold physical affection from their partner as a way to torment them for a perceived hurt or upset that happened long ago.

Empaths need genuine love and physical affection and physical gestures is their preferred love language but a Narcissist would withhold his love from them when they require it the most or when they are at their most vulnerable instead of trying to comfort them or soothe them.

Empaths think that just because they genuinely care and love people, people would do the same for them but that is their biggest mistake especially when they expect genuine love and care from people suffering from personality disorders like Narcissists.

Empaths are highly sensitive people and often put the needs of others before them and forget to take care of their own physical, mental and emotional needs.

This often leads to an Empath burn out. Therefore it is very important for them to learn to create strong boundaries around giving and choose their partners carefully and not fall in the toxic Empath Narcissist relationship dynamic.

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5 Love Languages of an Empath and a Narcissist

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