5 Great Lessons for Sensitive People


We are quick to say yes but upon contemplation we might realize we are not be the best person for the task at hand. This can lead to over-complicating and overthinking a situation to the point that it becomes detrimental to our responsibilities. The lesson here is to keep our priorities first, help when it makes sense and find other resources when necessary.

4. Being sensitive is not the same as being weak.

People who aren’t as sensitive as we are may interpret our ability to empathize and feel as a weakness. The truth is, it takes great inner strength to feel the constant joy, sadness and even heartache of those around us. This is not a burden we choose to carry but a gift in which we were entrusted.

The key to using our gift with purpose, and in service to others, is to rely on that inner strength. It’s that strength that helps us to stay strong and keep from internalizing the energy that is so easy for us to absorb. It gives us the fortitude to use the energy we encounter and repurpose it back into the universe with grace and positivity.

5. Be courageous and continue to live from your authentic truth.

The biggest lesson for sensitive people is to not let others who might not understand our gift change us. It is often easier to hide our sensitive side than to be judged by it. Continue to live your truth and be proud of your sensitive nature. It is who we are, and the Universe needs us to share it. Doing so will create a more loving, kind and peaceful world.

Always remember being sensitive is a gift and even the greatest gifts can be a burden at times. Remember these lessons to keep you grounded in your true nature while honoring yourself and those your gift serves.

Source – http://www.powerofpositivity.com/5-great-lessons-for-sensitive-people/