Ask These 5 Deep Questions If You Want To Know About A Person’s True Self


2) Ask them about their passions.

This is a way to get people talking really fast without going to any great lengths. People usually perk up a lot when you ask them about their interests. If you can see that spark of passion in their eyes, you’ve got great chances of having a wonderful conversation.


3) Ask them how someone who knows them very well will describe them.

This is a question with many possible answers and it gives them an opportunity to really think about what they are. You might get some very heartfelt, genuine answers so sit back and take the opportunity to really pay attention to them.


4) Ask them what gives the most meaning to their lives.

This will help them really introspect on what all makes them feel genuinely joyful. We always love to talk about the things that make us smile. It’s easier to open up with questions like this one so it may lead to an interesting and funny conversation. And never judge what it is. Remember that this is very important to them.


5) Ask them what tale they’d like to tell more often.

We all have that one really entertaining story from our own lives that we are always ready to narrate at parties or at any other opportunity. Of course, they might tell you they don’t have a story. This is quite alright but you never know, if you probe a little, they might discover the one, they hadn’t really thought about till then.

And even then, if they can’t come up with something, you can always move back any of the above 4 questions.

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Ask These 5 Deep Questions If You Want To Know About A Person’s True Self
5 Deep Questions If You Want To Know About A Person’s True Self


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