5 Day Ayurveda Cleanse

The blended soup for lunch was tolerable. For dinner, the pumpkin soup along with kefir and coconut probiotics was very tasty. After the last meal, the liver detox flush and Epson salt is given.

Instructions are to take the liver detox right before bed, and the Epson salt in the morning. Of course, this was a slight cause for concern, because it wasn’t my first time taking a detox concoction, and it’s never as fun as much as toxifying the liver is. Without going into detail, I can report that the flush works according to plan.

Day 4

I woke up quite tired since the liver mixture woke me up a few times, and was unable to attend yoga. I enjoyed a real Ayurveda breakfast, containing green soup, kefir, coconut probiotic and gooseberries. It was so delicious.

At this point, the snacks and food are more appreciated. Lunch is more vibrant, the curry vegetable/rice soup, along with pumpkin skin, and beets for the side, plus probiotics was splendid.

In the evening another relaxing treatment is provided. Dinner was another veggie soup, then for the beginning of the end of this cleanse, a Basti is given, otherwise known as an Enema. A basti cleans out one’s lower intestine. Which is much needed if you have any tummy issues, and or just want to be rid of any excess toxins.

P.S. I really think it’s a wonderful thing to be able to master the art of doing nothing here. It may sound easy, but some find it difficult and uncomfortable to be still. That is fine, but only through working through the discomfort, can we find peace being alone.

Day 5

The last day at the Ayurveda clinic includes a final basti and meal. By this point, a feeling of calmness and clarity washes over the body. The cleanse helps to feel more balanced, an aide to heal the mind, body, and soul. This was a great step towards better health and further healing.

Being healthy is always a work in progress. I hope we can all see that doing an Ayurveda cleanse is a great tool to get us that much closer to optimum health and healing. We need to take a moment to pause, heal, and reset our lives now. I wish I could have extended the cleanse. Imagine what a week or two more could do!

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