The 5 C’s Of An Unbreakable Relationship

The 5 C's Of An Unbreakable Relationship

Consensus requires effective and respectful communication skills, flexibility, and openness to understand the other’s point of view while expressing your own view.

It requires the ability and willingness to find the common ground. Honoring the differences and working with your similarities, builds consensus.


In closing, now that you know how to have a healthy relationship, it’s important to pay on-going attention and focus to these 5 C’s.

Relationships like life, change, and situations happen that can impact any of these C’s in unproductive ways. So being aware of how life situations can impact these 5 C’s of a relationship is vital and an act of love, caring, and concern for the relationship, and the two of you in it.

Relationships are the essence of life, and without a loving relationship, life cannot be experienced to its fullest. Having a meaningful relationship is like having a support system, which will help you get through any rough times you come across. It will keep you happy and content and make you feel excited about coming back home every day to your partner.

Always remember, that like every valuable thing you have in your life, your relationship also needs a lot of love, care, and attention. If you follow the 5 C’s of a relationship, you will see that your unbreakable bond is helping both of you grow and love each other more. Now, if this kind of relationship is not worth it, then what is?

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Written by David Schroeder
Originally Published on Yourtango

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The 5 C's Of An Unbreakable Relationship

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