10 Signs A Deceased Loved One is Nearby

10 Signs A Deceased Loved One is Nearby

9. Watch Your Pets

If the loved one was someone who was also fond of your pets, your cat or dog might see them and react to them. Does your dog sometimes wag his tail while staring across the room? Does your cat start purring for no apparent reason? Both dogs and cats have far superior hearing than we do. They can pick up sounds that expand beyond the scope of normal human hearing. Their sight is also different, allowing them to see further into the red spectrum.

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Pets often come back to visit after they’ve passed too. Signs of their presence will be similar to the habits they followed in life. They will sleep in their favorite places and jump up on beds and couches with a pronounced landing. If your cat often liked knocking the knick-knacks off your mantel, you might find them on the floor on occasion after his passing, as well.

10. Watching for Old Habits

Was your father always complaining about people leaving the lights on in rooms after they left? One way he might let you know he’s there is to frequently turn the lights off, sometimes even while you’re still in the room. Was your grandmother fussy about where things went? If you rearranged her items, you might find them back in their old familiar locations.

Always bear in mind that it takes a tremendous amount of energy for spirits to manipulate the physical world. If you ask for a sign, look for the subtle signs as well as the obvious. If your best friend always called you on the phone on Thursdays, you might not receive a phantom phone call, but you might notice difficulties with the phone itself.

The soul is eternal and your loved ones will let you know this to the best of their abilities. Life goes on for them but in a different way. Watch for the signs because they are there. You just have to know where to look for them.

Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and the author of 13 paranormal books. To learn more about her, visit her website http://jonimayhan.com

This article was originally published in TheGhostDiaries

Did you ever feel that a deceased loved one is nearby? Share your experience in comments.

10 Signs A Deceased Loved One is Nearby
10 Signs A Deceased Loved One is Nearby
10 Signs A Deceased Loved One is Nearby

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  1. when my former mother in law passed away she cleared a path for me to get back to my chilren her son and his new wife stole from me. within a month of her passing I was on that road, ut was a very difficult road with bumps I still need to smooth.. but it was a road

  2. I was dreaming vividly of my mother a few nights ago .. and awoke to the smell of her perfume. She died now nearly two years ago. My father died when I was 14. Every night he came to me and we hugged and I would exclaim "You are still here!" Gradually, he moved further away in my dreams .. sitting by the road at the entrance to our driveway and then he finally moved on. Several years ago I asked my stepfather to bring me a branch of pussywillows when they came to visit me … they were the first sign of spring where I grew up, where he and my mother still lived. they came to visit, and he said he tried to find some but they weren't ready yet. He died two days later. On the day of his funeral, after all was done and everyone was back at the house, I had an urgent need to go back up to the cemetery. Walked up to the grave and just talked to my stepdad, and also my Dad, asking my Dad to accept and take care of my stepdad, that my mother had loved and needed them both. On my way out of the cemetery, I found a branch of pussywillows laying on the ground across the opening in the gate I had come through on the way up to the graves. It was not there when I went up, and there was no one else there. When my mother and I went up the next day, after everyone else had left, there were pussywillow puffs all over. Other things have happened. I don't try to explain .. just try to remain aware.

  3. What I have felt is the knowledge of when my husband was heading for judgment, he stopped for one last time to see his daughter before he left. Before he left this realm, he gave one last look and encounter with her. Our daughter was less than 30 days old when he was murdered. Children of this age are not suppose to be able to focus long on one spot. Yet, while I was taking her picture, she turned her head to the upper corner of the room we were in and kept staring. I took the picture. Also, numerous times I have been in my car and escaped harm or death. Believe I have Guardian Angels who ride with me and protect me. I don't ask for anyone else to believe. The wonderful thing about what we believe is that it is our personal belief and not required of anyone or everyone to do the same. O:)

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