40 Moments That Make You Say – Go Me!

40 Moments That Make You Say - Go Me!

31. When you finally clean the clutter in your clothing cabinet.

32. When you change for the better after receiving constructive criticisms from people you look up to and respect the most.

33. When you earn (X) number of likes on social media. And although it should not be a legitimate reason for you to be proud of yourself, you still can’t help but be glad that people love what you share out there.

34. When you concede in an argument with someone you love because you’re matured enough to realize that it will only cause your relationship to fall apart.

35. When you give up your seat on public transportation for someone who needs it more.

36. When you’re no longer the kind of person who hides in the toilet to cry, or sob yourself to sleep at night.

37. When you prove to yourself that you made the right decisions in life and stand up for what is right.

38. When you patiently listen to a friend who’s going through hard times in their life.

39. When you avoid eating fast food take outs, junk foods, soda, and chocolates for one straight month.

40. When you discover the reason why you are put in this world.

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