4 Types of Relationships We Encounter In Our Lifetime Only One Lasts Forever.



3. The Pseudo Connection

Some relationships can feel like good connections, but you notice that something is missing.

The people who we have this type of connection might make us temporarily feel good about us, but your intuition tells that something is not quite good.

You do spend time with these people, go out to eat, try to connect but ultimately never feel complete enough in the connection.

You might feel like these people genuinely care for you and understand you, but when you need these people to be there for you, you find them gone.


4. True connection

It is a true, fulfilling and spiritual connection that we all seek.

When the connection is true, the other person will make you feel whole, they hold you accountable, and they allow you to hold them accountable.

With these people, you do not need to be fake. They accept you as you are. You bring your heart, mind, soul, and passion to these relationships and you get those same things in return from the other person. Both people in this relationship give their mind, soul, spirit, time, an effort for the growth of the relationship. 

However prized a relationship might be for you if it does not serve the purpose of personal and spiritual growth, you should abandon it.

You can always choose yourself before you choose an abusive relationship

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