4 Types Of Romantic Relationships That Awaken Your Spirituality

4 Types of Romantic Relationships From a Soul’s Perspective

A passenger is an outstanding teacher as they mirror us back what we need to heal more painfully than others.

Many of these relationships are marked with fear-based love which means that we argue a lot as if we were from two different realities. They trigger our most painful spots almost like it’d bring them pleasure. And of course, as passengers in someone else’s life, we do just the same.

These kinds of relationships are far from relaxed. On the contrary, they are related to control, codependency, jealousy, envy, comparison, and all of their other good companions.

The importance of these relationships is essential as they help us to face our old hidden wounds and emotional traumas that we, now, have the opportunity to face and heal. With passengers, we play out our old dysfunctional family patterns so we can finally release them.

The longevity of this kind of relationship solely depends on our willingness to heal the issues that passengers bring up in us.

And then we’re ready to move on and meet someone with whom we don’t need to experience the same dramas again.

Of course, this is easier for some people more than for others but there is no judgment as every single soul always teaches us – either through pain or joy.

3. Soul brothers (also known as soulmates)

“A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks.” – Richard Bach

Soulmates are people with who we connect at a much deeper level than with anyone else. They truly do touch our soul and the innermost parts of us.

With them, everything feels natural and relaxed. You feel tuned to the same frequency and understand each other without lengthy explanations. You rarely argue, and if you do, then you make up quickly.

They’re like your best friends, and best lovers combined all in one. Of course, they don’t need to be only your romantic partners. They can be your friends or family members, too.

When you meet them, you instantly feel the right-click, and the bond between you doesn’t deteriorate.

Soulmates are also your great teachers, but they often teach you through joy and by their own example. There is no need for painful lessons with them anymore.

4. Heart openers

“Love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” – Scott Peck

This is the least common type of relationship. Not everyone needs to experience meeting their heart openers. You can open your heart chakra and change your life by yourself when you’re “teachable” by the universe.

If you aren’t, just like I wasn’t, then the universe sends you this “bomb”. A heart opener creates the biggest shock and transformation in your life because they crack your heart wide open within seconds of looking into their eyes.

You feel like you’re almost one – you share a similar life story, thoughts, emotions, dreams, plans, and just everything.

By meeting them, your heart chakra opens so much that you can feel unconditional love which is very very overwhelming.

Yes, I really mean unconditional love. It’s not something reserved just for our creator, we too can feel it. Unlike our creator, I believe that most of us can’t feel it all the time because its intensity might strike you really hard.

But for the fleeting moments (days or weeks) you can. It’s all about the capacity to anchor your spirit and higher frequencies in your life (and that can be trained).

It’s as if the unconditional love is locked and well-hidden in inmost place within your being – and the heart openers can get there effortlessly and instantly.

I met my heart opener in 2011, and it caused such big turmoil in my life that it led me to what I do today (before, I thought that I would become a business consultant, now I consult people’s souls).

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