4 Things That Trouble An Empath and Ways To Cope With It

3) Learn to say a ‘no’.

We get a limited amount of time in a day. While we might love helping others we should also keep in mind that the hours of the day are limited and we have to keep some time for ourselves because there are certain necessary things that we all must take care of (such as sleeping).

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Neglecting these tasks will often amount to neglecting one’s health which will not be helpful in the long run. Because if we end up being sick ourselves, helping others is out of the question.

We should always distinguish our priorities and try not to compromise with our most important tasks. The task here is to realize that we must say ‘no’ to something that would, in fact, be of harm to us and would affect the way we truly are.


4) Learn to receive from others

Most empathic people are averse towards taking from others. And subsequently, people who just ‘take’ repel them. But they should, in fact, realize that ‘receiving’ and ‘taking’ are two very different things.

While being only a ‘giver’ can be very noble but it is also a fact that one cannot always only give as it is unsustainable. If on the other hand if we also receive help and support from others we can reciprocate more effectively.

This is why empathetic people should change from being only ‘givers’ to receivers as well.

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While being empathic can be a great strength but like all other strength, it has its fair share of challenges. But these challenges do not necessarily mean that we need to change ourselves in order to cope with these challenges.

We just need to learn certain lessons that shall help us in being truly what we are. And these lessons that we learn shall eventually help us evolve and grow and be better persons in the long run.

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