4 Easy Steps To Declutter Your Life

4 Easy Steps To Declutter Your Life


We live in an age of complexity; the amount of neural signals each day we received can be exhausting. We have far more stuff than we really need.  Our head is full of information we don’t have to think about. And most important of all are the many people and circumstances, which doesn’t contribute to our happiness.  Decluttering can be a key to change your focus from the things we usually get to the things we want in life.  Decluttering begins with some very easy steps to some less easy steps.


1. Guilt Free Social Media: we spend far more time then we would like to admit in this space, which is called social media.  And after spending some time we feel a bit guilty, a bit unproductive, a bit lazy and so on.  We see pictures of people who have it better then we do, we see the news, which make us lose our faith in humanity.  And I can go on and on but why not start decluttering here? First unfollow pages and leave the groups which doesn’t contribute to your life or happiness, then unfollow friends who share things which you don’t like, you don’t have to unfriend them and by unfollowing they wouldn’t even notice it. Maybe there are pages or groups that you don’t want to unfollow but particular posts, just by clicking I don’t want to see this, you would get fewer posts like that and it would save you a lot of negative vibration. Decluttering this space is easy and you have full control.


2. Home, Office, Car: A messy space can lead to a lot of negativity, like distracting us, it makes it difficult to relax, inhibit productivity and can really lead to depression. A good organization is the key here. And remember to start small. Like your car, it is a small space with few things and you use it daily, by organizing and cleaning and keeping it clean you can train your mind to keep spaces organized and clean and after some days move to bedroom, then after some days the kitchen, chose your order and take your time to really think what you need, where you need it etc.  If you are not sure about some items, put them in a box and if you don’t use it in months, remove them.  The difficult part here is not decluttering itself but to train your mind to keeps organized and clean. On long term it would get very easy.


3. Negative People: This step is not the easy one, but it is very important. According to Jim Rohn we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. The people in our environment influence us, whether we like it or not, they affect our way of thinking, our level of confidence and the choices we make. In order to be happy we have to remove the once who make us unhappy.  This can be in steps, from the once we can remove very easily to family members, which is not that easy. But even if you can’t remove them completely, try to ignore them, spend less time with them and try to prevent there influence in your life. 



4. Negative Thoughts: Negative thoughts are toxic, it leads to tension, stress anxiety and so on. It is scientific proven that negative thoughts can harm your health. Acknowledge those thought, find its source, analyze it and know that it is just a thought and defiantly not a fact then simply replace it with a good thought.  Simple things like yoga, meditation, reading inspirational books and a positive environment can help you replace it.

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