The 4 R’s of Managing Anxiety

The 4 Rs of Managing Anxiety

Finally, the fourth R of Managing Anxiety is: Re-Commit

Think back to the moment when you felt the spark of excitement, knowing what you wanted to become. Was it to have a family, start a business, be an innovator, creator, or change-agent? It probably wasn’t to be stressed, miserable, and overwhelmed every day. Are you acting on that spark or are you allowing anxiety to get in the way?

In truth, the static that pulls focus from the spark is often the perceived expectations of the other people in our lives: mothers, significant others, children, friends, colleagues, or people on social media we don’t even know.

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We get so bogged down in the “shoulds” that we allow our spark to be dimmed. This step reminds us that the “shoulds” are not what we set out to do. In Re-committing, we let go of all the things we can’t control—which is, everything on earth except how we show up every day.

We all possess the ability to learn new skills, ask for help, and to survive failure, defeat, and humiliation. The next time you are so overwhelmed to prove yourself that you think the only solution is to duct-tape your boobs inside your bra find a quiet spot to: Recognize Resistance, lean on your Relationships, and Re-Commit to the light that you want to shine on the world.

Erin Mahone is an author, performing artist, activist, mental health professional, coach and workshop facilitator. She is the creator of #IfYouCouldSeeMe: Stories for Change, a multi-media project designed to eliminate mental health stigma and build more compassionate communities; the ReStory workshop series; the one-woman shows It Runs in the Family and Shark Woman Meditates (opening early 2019), and author of the book If You Could See Me: Life, Motherhood and the Pursuit of Sanity.

Written By Ronald E. Riggio
Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

Managing anxiety might seem like a tough job to do, when the only thing you can think about is all the things that can go wrong. Don’t worry, you don’t have to manage your anxiety overnight; approach this goal as a gradual process. Be kind to yourself, and take one day at a time, and with every passing day, you will see that you are no longer feeling anxious, and apprehensive all the time.

If you want to know more about managing your anxiety, then check this video out below:

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